Monday, December 11th, 2023

To all the OPR faithful, According to Angela today is OPR’s one year anniversary since we first opened for business in Pass Christian, MS. I thought it was yesterday, but she’s better at remembering anniversaries than I am. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year. It’s even harder to believe that what is […]

Sorry for the late notice (I had completely forgot about it until Angela reminded me today), but I was interviewed about OPR a few weeks ago by Sen. Bill Bradley. Sen. Bradley has a talk show called “American Voices” on Sirius Satellite Radio and the OPR interview is scheduled to air tomorrow. For those of […]

To all of the members of OPR, I hope that each and every one of you have a joyful and loving holiday season. No matter what you celebrate, who you choose to worship or don’t, whether you believe in Heaven or Karma all of you who have joined OPR have shed light on the lives […]

I’m happy to announce that OPR has received a hefty donation to the tune of $5,000 courtesy of The Herb Block Foundation and board member Laura Hutchison. Pulitzer Prize winning Herb Block, better known as Herblock, was an influential editorial cartoonist who’s career spanned over 72 years – 55 of which were spent working at The Washington Post. Herblock […]

  Even though the final tally isn’t in, it’s safe to say that the silent auction held on October 8 in Fredericksburg, VA was a success. Since it’s inception, OPR has operated on a shoestring budget. The money raised at the auction should provide the organization to operate well into the new year. The auction […]

 OPR’s Angela Ellis tries to drum up support for the upcoming silent auction during a Saturday (September 30, 2006) farmer’s market in Fredericksburg, VA. Here at the OPR HQ in Fredericksburg, VA, we have been working hard finalizing the details for our first ever fundraising event that takes place this coming Saturday, October 7. Ticket sales for […]

As you all know, OPR is constantly growing, reorganizing and moving forward in its mission. Because of this, the OPR 5 (it’s 5 now since John took on such a large role with the website and forums) are looking for members of the volunteer network who maybe interested in taking on greater roles of responsibility.   […]

Since I wrote the last post earlier today, our first volunteer from Argentina has signed on. Dave

Yeah, this post will make it painfully obvious that I’m running short of things to say. So, I thought I would provide some “fun” (fun if you like useless trivia) facts about where our volunteers come from. *Disclaimer: These facts are not completely accurate. Not all of our volunteers have told us where they are from. The following […]

OPR’s Angela Ellis and Becky Sell goof off for the camera as they prep images for mailing at OPR’s headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA. Becky is seen sporting an official OPR t-shirt. The first round of prints courtesy of West Coast Imaging are hitting the mail. Quite a few of our miraculous restorations will be getting […]