Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Operation Photo Rescue Coming to LaPlace, LA


Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) has been inactive since the Pandemic and at one point there were discussions on whether to fold. It wasn’t like there wasn’t plenty of disasters where help was needed. Covid and its variant posed problems we couldn’t workaround. And then OPR received an email from Gerald Herbert, Associated Press Photographer, asking if we would be willing to partner with his group, Family Photo Rescue. Kathy Anderson, a professional photographer, followed up by saying she had a group of photographers that could do the copy stand work.

With all the disasters in the news, it is easy to become numb to the suffering going on around the world. There comes a sense that things are so out of control and too big to help those in need. When Gerald and Kathy came to us, they had the backing of the community, and Sony, Van Nguyen, offered cameras/macro lenses for the copy stands.

People are evacuated from floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in LaPlace, La., Monday, Aug. 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

All photos Copyright The Associated Press/AP Photographer Gerald Herbert.

Below is the flyer for the copy run taking place in La Place, LA. There will be more copy runs following.

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