Monday, June 10th, 2024

Hurricane & Tropical Storms


Tropical Storm Karen threatens flooding in Puerto Rico. This comes after Hurricane Maria in September of 2017. While they dodged the bullet with Hurricane Dorian, the Grand Bahama Island was flooded with 20 feet of water over 40 hours. Flooding also happened along the eastern coast of the US and recently Hurricane Imelda dumped 40 inches of rain in parts of Texas.

While Operation Photo Rescue is a small non profit, we have been in the operation of helping people get their photos digitally restored and printed free of charge since 2006. We currently have finished up our backlog of damaged photos and are eager to help those in need.

We normally try to do one copy run a year to a disaster site to digitally copy photos damaged by a natural disaster. While Puerto Rico and the Grand Bahama Island would be a challenge because of logistics of travel. However, so much of our work is done in the virtual world that we believe that nothing is impossible. To reach us, please contact by email: [email protected]

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