Friday, July 19th, 2024

New batch of photos ready to restore


Hi everyone,

Just in case you haven’t visited the forum lately, I wanted to let you all know that there is a whole new batch of photos posted in Christine’s gallery and they are ready for restoration. These photos were collected from the Chalmette area of Louisiana back in November and December.

Following is the announcement about the new photos that Christine posted to the forum:

“I have just uploaded my new gallery of photos.  There are 232 photos, but in a month or so, I’ll have another 200+/- photos to upload again.  As in my last gallery, I am sticking to the one photo per person policy, with exceptions.  If you are a seasoned OPR volunteer who has a good history of returning photos in a timely basis, I will release more than one photo to you at a time.  Likewise, if there is a family of photos where there are many of the same people in the photos, you may take more than one image.

Photoshelter has made a few changes, so when you leave your comment to request a photo, please give me your name as it appears on your gallery, or, if you are a new volunteer getting your first photo, your name as you are registered.  If you request a photo or two and you don’t receive it, yet it’s still in the gallery after a day or so, please send me an email, as I may be having a difficulty in locating your gallery.

Have fun, and remember that you are all doing a wonderful service to the families who have lost so much. ”

Please jump in and lend a hand if you have time. We need to see if we can get these knocked out fairly quickly so we can get the restorations into the hands of owners.

Dave Ellis

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