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A Neat Levels Trick for Color Messes

Started by Charlene5, September 27, 2007, 05:57:43 PM

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I was reading an old Photoshop User magazine while eating lunch and came across a tip from Katrin Eismann that sounded so useful to flooded images that I dropped my turkey sandwich and trotted off to try it on Gramps.  Worked like a charm!  Here's her tip:

Add a Levels adjustment layer and in the dialog click on Options.  Check Enhance Per Channel Contrast and and click on the Snap Neutral Midtones checkbox.  Click OK and OK again in the main dialog and even the most stubborn color shifts are removed.

Oh my she's saved me a LOT of work on Gramps.  Here is a before and after.  Watch the color in his chair.  The only drawback was that it also enhanced the white dots.  I got around most of that by painting in black on the Levels mask on all the dots except the back of the chair.

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Charlene, you could use auto color adjustment, it will give the same result much faster (but of course without the benefit of an extra layer).


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