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restoration in LAB

Started by nate, June 29, 2006, 05:30:34 PM

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Hey everyone, I was wondering how many do restoration in LAB instead of RGB.

Mark Wilson

I find LAB useful for making luminosity adjustments without risk of altering colour. Other than that I generally stick to RGB and just pop in and out of LAB mode when I need to.

How about you?

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Hey Mark, for some of the photo that have spotting discoloration, especially the B&W and low color photos, I've found going into the "a" and "b" and removing the color works very well and doesn't disrupt the luminosity of the image. Sometimes though its need to go into RGB as everything is not available in LAB.


If any image has extensive damage to a particular channel (in most cases the blue channel), I occassionally replace that channel with the lightness channel from LAB.   (Cut and Paste into RGB document). Works very well, especially for B&W images .  When using this method on colour images, you may need to revert to replacing colour manually.