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Ctrl Shift F (Photoshop)

Started by capriccio, June 29, 2006, 12:52:35 PM

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In Photoshop (I use CS2, but this works in earlier versions as well)

Ctrl Shift F = fade opacity of the previous step

Just wanted to share one of the keystrokes/tools I've found most useful when doing these restorations. After using the healing brush, spot healing brush or clone tool (at any opacity), I nearly always click Ctrl Shift F (I have a PC - Macs would be Command instead of Ctrl, I think?) to fade the opacity of the previous action. This comes in handy especially with skin - if the original clone or heal looks too harsh, fade it at different opacities and it blends right in! If the fade still doesn't work, you can escape right out of it, hit Ctrl Z to undo the heal/clone and try another approach.

It's a great time saver.

Mark Wilson

That's a great tip Capricco. I make good use of fade in Photoshop too, to fade back the effect of filters. I didn't realise that you can fade the effect of tools also.


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