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Second try

Started by LSC, July 27, 2007, 05:56:48 AM

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GLenna's suggestions are good and I am starting over -- Lee (LSC)


OKAY! I re-did the hat seven times... finally had to realize that my guy's hat was NOT my Uncle Tommy's hat (whose army air corps photo was almost identical to this one). THIS guy was jaunty, he put it back on his head a bit. The bill was turned up with a shadow underneath...which also explained why the hat came down so far on the camera-right side. Phew! I am really happy with this part.
BUT...the shadow from the tie suggests that this guy is NOT wearing the jacket...I have never found one without a jacket (and I looked at a ton of these formal portraits online) . But the tie shadow wouldn't go down so far if the jacket WERE on... so I surmise we have Mr Casual here: hat back at a jaunty angle and no jacket. Possible? And if you look (on the original) at the dark semi-curcular thing on camera-right shoulder..... I thought it might be an epaulette. But not on a shirt, I think, and also, it was down too far. I think it is damage.
Does my outline of the upper torso look right? --Lee


Wow this is coming along great!! What good eyes you have...I have just got new glasses and I don't think I would have seen all that...but you sound right...Mr casual!!

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