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Started by LSC, July 24, 2007, 11:40:49 PM

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Here are the BEFORE and AFTER. I am conceerned about the poor resolution on the AFTER--doesn't look that way before the upload though. ---- Lee -Lee


Looks good Lee, the vignette really pulls your eye to the subject, you just over-compressed you after image.

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Lovely job Lee :)it looks beautiful.


What a beautiful picture and I know they will be so pleased to receive that one in the mail! Well done! :up:

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Tess (Tassie D)

:up2: That is a precious pic.
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Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and help. ANd Max, the vignette idea was awesome--Lee


Lee, you did it!  The vignette looks wonderful, and it draws you into the soul of the photo.  Nice restoring, too, especially considering the muck you started with.  You've taken what I'm guessing was a snapshot and turned it into a beautiful portrait capturing a truly precious moment.  Kudos!

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It is lovely... I keep thinking of Norman Rockwell, certainly a slice of real life! Great job! Ruth


Does look a bit like Norman Rockwell!!   ;)