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A Fun Project for Us!

Started by Mhayes, January 30, 2024, 07:34:11 PM

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I agree how much fun and so nice to get work together again. I uploaded all 13 completed photos to Nanda today. I will keep you posted on what is going on, but here is what I got back from her today.

QuoteI'm in tears. . . Just to see their beautiful faces, restored, clear, and up close! Thank you, thank you, thank you . .

You've made my day!

She made my day!
"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
[email protected]


Thank you Margie ... for the pics and for sharing the wonderful response.
You make my day!

Jo Ann Snover

Thanks Margie for passing that on. To know that this mattered to her is just wonderful. 

She (and you) made my day too!
Jo Ann