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Started by Shadow, May 24, 2023, 12:49:03 AM

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Check out this new video from Phlern on Photoshop new AI generate tool. OMG!!! He says its free in the beta version right now.  :wow:


Thank god for this. We will still have a job in the future.

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I had a disgruntled coworker who set his sight to find a new job this year. When he became familiar with ChatGPT, he used it to generate a resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter. Once he got an interview, he used it to prepare for questions and generate sample problems for him to practice since the job is in a different field he was working on. Within a month, he found a job with a big pay raise.

AI will not replace us. Those people who know how to use AI effectively will.

Edit: he used ChatGPT to generate a draft of a recommendation letter and then gave it to me to edit and sign. It was a great draft that saved me a lot of work.
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You are so right Schen. Loved the big pink clouds.  :)


I thought it was a pink pig in the sky  :funny:
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Actually it is a sweet potato disguised as ginger root.
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Schen, I thought it was a pink pig too. Depressing about AI and your conclusion.
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