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Missing facial parts

Started by Lynnya, October 27, 2022, 05:57:57 PM

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This was a tricky one... not sure if I can improve on it unless you can see something easy to fix... nothing much in the channels so it was all cross ya fingers and hope.  Comments always welcome.

never giving up......learning from others as I go...


Beautiful work so far. Wondering if top of her face might be a tad dark? Sampled the lighter color from her chin. Set the paint mode to Lighten and 50% and painted over the darker areas. Then changed that layer mode to Luminosity and decreased opacity. See what you think.


Yes better Shadow thanks for good eyes!  :hug:
never giving up......learning from others as I go...


We have several pictures of the girl, so if you need a close match let me or your distributor know for a reference photo.
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