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PHOTOSHOP CS2 & Windowos Vista Home Edition

Started by Sharon, April 14, 2007, 01:02:27 PM

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I recently purchased a new computer and with it came the new Microsoft operating system Vista (home edition).

I installed Photoshop cs2 on to my new computer and now, EVERY time, I start Photoshop cs2 I am presented with the registration window.  I have gone through the registration process numerous times and each time at the end it tells me that "Registration was successfully".

I called Adobe customer service and was told I would have to deal with the message each time and press "Do not register"  OR call Adobe tech. support on Monday and PAY to have the message eliminated. 

Do you have a solution to my problem so I do not have to pay Adobe to get rid of the message?

Your help is appreciated.



I simply googled adobe tech support www.adobe.com/support/  which lead to this link: 


along with some other info (visit link) it gives this info:

When you complete the registration process (either by completing the
form or choosing Do Not Register) Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
must write certain registry keys to prevent the registration dialog
from appearing. Windows Vista security settings for these keys are
more rigidly enforced than in Windows XP, requiring you to run Photoshop
or Photoshop Elements as an administrator.

Not sure, but you can probably email them, for free from their support page, if you need additional assistance.


Oh yea I forgot to charge my research fee, please email me $39.95 (in small unmarked $100 bills).


Hi Sharon,

Try www.timgrey.com.  I get daily emails from him, called Digital Darkroom Questions, or DDQ.  He covers  Photoshop and Windows.  He works for Microsoft, but is a Photoshop guru/king.  You can get the emails for free, or for a donation of $35 per year, you can ask him as many questions as you want.  You can also go to his DDQ archive section at www.timgrey.com/ddq/archive.htm.  I started to do a search, but am pretty busy this afternoon, so didn't really have time to search.  However, this would be the perfect question for Tim Grey.  Not sure if this helped or not, but I hope so.



Actually, I did just find a post regarding Windows and Vista from Tim Grey.  Not sure how it applies, but here it is.  Christine

I just bought a new laptop (with VISTA) and tried to install my Photoshop CS2 - but couldn't. After 2 calls and 45 minutes on the phone with Adobe, I was told that Photoshop does not yet work on VISTA. I can't believe it. I had no problem loading Lightroom. Please advise.

Not true at all. Photoshop CS2 does indeed work great with Windows Vista (the public beta of Photoshop CS3 does as well), and I've been using it for months on Windows Vista, quite happily. If you have setup multiple users on your laptop, make sure first that you are signed in as an administrator (in most cases you only have one user setup, and that user is an administrator, so this probably isn't the case). The next thing I would do is disable software that is running at startup, because something there may be interfering with the installation. To do so, go to the Start menu and in the Search box right above the Start button type MSCONFIG and press Enter. Click Continue if prompted and in the System Configuration dialog box that appears go to the Startup tab and click the Disable All button and click OK. Restart the computer and try the installation again. When you do get Photoshop installed properly, go back to the System Configuration dialog box and click Enable All in the Startup tab and click OK.

If this still doesn't resolve the issue, I would contact technical support for the manufacturer of your computer and let them know you're having this problem. They may be able to identify what specific to this configuration is causing a problem with the install.

You might also attempt contacting Adobe support to see if you can have the issue escalated to a higher-level support engineer. Because Photoshop CS2 is not officially supported by Adobe for Windows Vista (they haven't done the testing to be able to officially support it), they may not be willing to do this. However, they have published a document that indicates Photoshop CS2 does install and run under Windows Vista, so they might be willing to help in order to learn more about the issue you're having (helping you solve it in the process). You can read the document about Vista compatibility in Adobe products here:



I can always depend on you OPR members for help.  Thanks!

That annoying registration screen is no longer appearing every time I start Photoshop.  I set the Photoshop.exe file to" Run This Program As An Administrator"  per kjohnson's link  http://www.adobe.com/go/kb400754.

kjohnson,  due to the fact I just bought a new computer I have no money to pay your research fees.  Do you take rain checks?   :)

Thanks again, every one.



Hey it was raining here, Sharon as for the research fee, just a joke.