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Great News Coming

Started by Mhayes, September 11, 2021, 07:06:07 PM

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Just an FYI.  I did find the link, Margie.  What a fine looking young man.  Thank you!

Jo Ann Snover

I saw Margie's email today and have asked Bambi for an image to work on. Very glad there is some way to get images to work on for those folks hit by Ida
Jo Ann


Hey Jo Ann great to see you again..
never giving up......learning from others as I go...

Jo Ann Snover

Thank you! I will look at your latest version of the baby after I go and cook (and eat) some dinner
Jo Ann


Glad to see you back Jo Ann. I think we will have photos to last us a very long time, especially since their copy runs will not just be for just for a weekend.
"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
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