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Devastating News Today: We lost a wonderful woman today--Tess Cameron

Started by Mhayes, May 14, 2020, 01:40:31 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I find this hard to type through the tears tonight upon hearing that Tess Cameron has passed away. Tess has been in and out of the hospital and was awaiting a lung transplant. It wasn't to be. Tess is more to us than just our webmaster and distributor, she was a great friend. I enjoyed her humor and she didn't pull any punches in letting you know where she stood. I will let you know more about OPR's plan to send flowers or a memorial or whatever the family would like. I will also in the day ahead post some of the favorite things about Tess. Below is a picture her daughter Bethany posted on Facebook. Tess is on your far right.

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President


I saw the announcement too, Margie. It's heartbreaking to those of us that knew her so long.  You've said what she was like and that is all spot on.  She will be missed!!!  What a wonderful woman she was. 

If you have an address that would let us send cards, too. 


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She was quite a woman and a great source of help when I joined. She and Craig had more than their fair share of problems but I don't recall her ever complaining. I certainly will miss her.


What a sad day, Tess will be missed so much, she was helpful, smart and funny too.  I regret never meeting her in person...
Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator


Tess Cameron was a woman of many talents.  She touched the hearts of people around the entire world through her work with Operation Photo Rescue.  She was the glue that held OPR operations together behind the scenes.  Tess also will be tremendously missed and never forgotten by the many OPR volunteer photo restorers who had the blessing of her guidance over many years.

Rest in peace Tess,
Pat and Mike       

"Take a deep breath and think of the three things you are grateful for, right in this moment."  -MJ Ryan Author


How incredibly heartwretching ! my condolences to her family.
may her beautiful soul rest in peace

Life is like a tender flower
Standing strong against the wind
Until the earth - it does devour
Almost as if it were a sin
The snow then comes
And covers all
Even the petals that chose to fall
When everything breaks through
The snow Barren land
All that remains- is a stem that still stands
And a fond memory of its beauty


I am so sorry to hear this.  I send my deepest sympathies and condolences to her family and all of you at OPR who knew her so well.




Truly a sad day indeed.  Kind, patient and funny. She was a gem and will be sorely missed.  :-[


Thinking of Tess.. her family, her dogs.. so very sad. She will be sorely missed by so many especially her friends at OPR  :'(
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If any of you would like to send a card to the family you may email me and I will send you the address. You may wonder why not post it here? The reason is that the things on the Internet seem to last forever and I don't feel comfortable broadcasting this to the world. All that I ask is that you keep this private and do NOT post anywhere on the Web.

My email address: mhayes@operationphotorescue.org
"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President


I will miss Tess.  Over the years she has helped me with so many photos.  A really fine person.


I am greatly saddened by the passing of Tess Cameron. Tess was more than someone who assigned an image for me to work on. She would gently nudge me to the finished image with emails like " You have done a great job so far but". Some times there was more than one "but". But always a better image. We were friends on Facebook. I enjoyed seeing posts from down under. I remember the big fish catch and inviting myself to dinner. Of course, I do know you all live in Australia. Tess, I will forever miss you.

Dennis McKeever
Dennis McKeever