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Jacquelyn's Workshop

Started by Jacquelyn, June 26, 2006, 01:51:11 PM

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An in-progress piece.  Most concerned about the darkest shadow at left below chin.

Keep working on shadow.
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Leave it alone for now.
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It's done. Move on.
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Start over.
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Here's my 'Hard Restoration'

Original at 72 pxi

Current state at 72 pxi

Mark Wilson

You're going in the right direction J. I think you need to soften the edges of the shadow though, it's a little jagged.

Try working with the clone stamp tool. Set it to Darken at 10-30% with a largish soft edged brush.

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." - Ansel Adams 1902-1984.


Thanks, Mark
I've been doing my best to preserve/imitate the skin texture.

This site is useful on more than a 'mechanical' level.
The discussion about restoration versus aesthetic retouching pretty much echoes what happens in one's thoughts while doing this sort of work.

Mark Wilson

Absolutely, and if you're working with that kind of mindset you'll rarely go wrong.

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." - Ansel Adams 1902-1984.


It looks amazing so far.  Are you going to blend the background?
Take care,



You have a really good start on this.  I think the dark area on the left side (my left) of her neck is water damage and not shadow.  It needs to be lightened/blended a little more.  I also see definite brush marks in the background.   The transitions need to be blended and/or softened more also.
If it's artsy or Photoshop, I'll give it a try!
aka Betty


Hi Jacquelyn,

Nice start on removing the large spots over the skin areas - you have a nice touch. 

Several areas that might benefit from some further shading to create more naturalistic forms.  The most noticeable would be the shoulder areas.  On her right shoulder (left on the photo) there is a shadow shape on the outside curve of her shoulder/arm area that is on the original, but not the repaired photo - which tends to make it flatten out.  Its not as noticeable on the other shoulder - but it appears to be a little bit cutout - softening the angular shape at the top of this shape would help it lay back and not appear to be pasted in.

The other area that I think could benefit from a bit more work  is the  highlight/shadow combination that forms the area of the clavicle - right above the lowest curve of the necklace - it was subtly changed when the repair was made and it doesn't quite read right.  You might try a  google search for "clavicle" and click on the "images"  tab for some representative examples of what that shape looks like .  Another good reference is your own figure.  You can set up a mirror and light yourself similarly to the photo for a "real time" example (as if you were painting a self portrait).