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Help with Hair again - photos attached

Started by icarlson, November 30, 2018, 05:09:28 PM

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(Sorry - resending with photos!)

I'm having trouble with this boy's hair.  At the original size it's probably fine but if you zoom in you'll see large whitish areas which I don't know how to eliminate.  They sort of work as a bit of texture which is otherwise absent but I know that isn't what it really is.  I did paint with black in the color blend mode but it didn't seem to help.  Any advice?



Hi Irene. A hearty welcome. Nice cleanup on your image. I wonder if it might be worthwhile to run the FFT filter to reduce the texture on the image. That might take care of most of what you are seeing in the hair and what's visible on his skin and part of his shirt. Good luck. Look forward to your final!




Hi Marcia, the FFT filter was created by some wizard to remove repeating patterns. Sometimes it can do an awesome job on removing a pattern or texture from an image. You can check it out below and you can also go back through the forum for additional info where folks have used it on their image. If you are a Mac user, I think there is another filter that performs in a similar fashion.


Jo Ann Snover

And if you have Affinity (Photoshop alternative) it has an FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) filter built in:

Jo Ann