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New tools in CS3

Started by kjohnson, March 08, 2007, 12:36:48 PM

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By the way, Adobes touting some new tools in CS3 that are supposedly going to make retouching easier. Hmmm, a Hair Tool you wonder. Well, actually there is chatter on the adobe blog site about that.


Sometimes it's the smallest, weirdest things that drive feature development.  In the case of the new Quick Selection Tool & Refine Edge command*, hair loss played a key role.

Here's the links for anyone interested:

John Nack, PS product manager, talks about their new Quick Selection tool and Refine Edge dialog in CS3.


To suggest a feature you'd like to see in Photoshop you can do it here & maybe if they hear from enough of us, they'll take a closer look at what our retouching needs are.


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