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Photoshop Elements 2019 vs CS5

Started by david_gr, October 05, 2018, 07:20:49 PM

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I saw an email today about the new Photoshop Elements 2019.  I am currently using the full featured Photoshop CS5.  Does anybody think it is worth upgrading to the Elements 2019? 

I was disappointed when Adobe switched Photoshop to a monthly fee of $50.  That's $600 a year, much to rich for my taste and needs.  This is me venting.

Jo Ann Snover

Unless you're upgrading the operating system and CS5 isn't supported, or there's some feature you desperately want (but most of the newer features are more demo-ware than really day-to-day useful IMO), not sure how the less-featured Elements would be an improvement.

Was there some feature you were hankering after?

I use CS6 (Mac OS 10.12.6) and haven't yet found anything compelling in a Photoshop upgrade, but at some point I'll have a problem with OS support and I'll have to. There is the photography plan (Lightroom and Photoshop) that's much cheaper than the whole suite. I think that's $10 a month with very little storage included. You'd need to check current prices.

Edited to add that the current price is $19.99 a month (there may be specials at a lower rate, and I know it *used* to be $9.99 when they first tried to tempt people to get on the subscription gravy train)
Jo Ann


I'm on CS5 and will be until I no longer can. Of course if I have to upgrade from Windows 7, things may change. I thought there was a way to get PhotoShop and not on monthly fee, but no upgrades. Will have to check that out and it maybe for nonprofit officers.
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I was just wondering about whether Elements 2019 was any improvement over CS5. 

I use Windows 10 and I have had no problems using CS5 at all.   Computers are a hobby of mine and I like to get one every 3 or 4 years.  I get gaming computers because they have the power to handle Photoshop well.  That and I will play a game or 2 occasionally.   

Thanks for the feedback.  :)


I have gone from CC to Elements 2018. The extra features in 2019 don't seem to be any extra value for restoration work.
Elements misses some tools that are in my opinion essential and I have added Elements+ for US$12. The Elements software contains CC tools which are hidden, most important is no curves or channels. Elements+ gives access to them but through a different interface. I am just going through the learning stage.

Elements in the Expert mode offers lots of "auto" tools, some look interesting but I need to try more. I only had CS3 prior to CC but suspect that even CS3 would cope with most manual restoration work.

Re pricing, I can't help with the $50 you mention. There appear to be two prices for Photoshop and Lightroom. Around $10 per month for limited cloud storage and a $20 price for extra storage. I don't like Lightroom and won't use cloud storage.



David, have you thought about GIMP? It's free and supports Curves, layers, etc. and has tutorials to help you adjust to it.
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Tori, I have uploaded GIMP.  It definitely has a steep learning curve for me.  As a matter of fact when I started I was a bit intimidated.  However, as I work with it and go through the help documentation, I am getting more comfortable.  I recommend it for anyone willing to take the time and effort to learn it.  Their help documentation takes some getting used to but it has a lot of good training therein.  I also believe there are some books on learning GIMP available.