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Check in to tell us where you're from...

Started by John, June 25, 2006, 02:39:52 PM

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Worchester sauce is from Worchester!  I always wondered about English muffin, French fries and Belgium waffle.
Shujen Chen
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You'll never guess where Wisconsin cheese comes from?!



San Jose, CA since 1976, originally from Edinboro, PA (just south of Erie, PA). I grew up on a farm there. Its great to be away from the snow.   
David J. Davis

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Hi WrinklyMike and David.  Welcome to the OPR  forum. (Mike I love your description and your quote!  Being over 60, I can relate.  Old age AIN'T for sissies! And having a sense of humor [which you obviously do, and I very much appreciate] is a survival necessity.)  I hope you'll both participate with the rest of us addicts in the craziness of the forum while trying to keep up with Chris, Jan and Margie's diabolical muck machines!  My opinion shall always be that we have the most wonderful group imaginable, and I'm glad you're with us.


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Uh...Weewood, just so you know, it's April 19 and snowing at my house today, at 6000' elevation in Montana!  Of course, I did the snow dance all winter long, so I could ski.  It worked, as we've had the most snow on record in 10 years.  Well....I quit dancing, but it's still snowing!  Go figure.

Welcome to all our newbies.  We are thrilled to have you aboard!


Tess (Tassie D)

Welcome to everyone. Its nice to hear where everyone lives. Chris you need to go out and do a sun dance now and we'd like a photo of you doing it.
Tess Cameron
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I was born/raised and for some reason still live in Fargo, ND.

Yes, it's cold 6 months of the year, and the nice 6 months are usually windy. But, the people are nice, my friends and family are here and I've got a good job. (just wish all of that could be in Oregon. )  :)

I joined a few years back, and have tried to keep working on pictures here, the last few months the link kept getting farther and farther down on my favorite. lists as new websites keep getting added, but I've dragged this website back to the top again and am ready to go all out.  This is a great thing everybody is doing and I'm glad to be apart of it.

-Dan Francis

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Dan Francis


Hi Dan, welcome to the board!
Great to hear that you put OPR back in the top of your favorites, we sure can use your help.
Had a look at your website, love the photo with the wolfe in it!

Hannie Scheltema
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I am from Los Angeles, well, the South Bay to be specific.  I was born and raised here, lived a year in SF and came home.  Married, two kids, I have been doing photo restoration for a couple of years now, and have a small business for it.

I love to see what you all do here, and I am looking forward to diving in and trying my hand at a few.  I love the tips and info... it's all about educating myself.  Thanks for that stuff in advance.

Everything you know is about to change...


Holmen, Wisconsin, USA... about 15 minutes north of La Crosse, Wisconsin along the mighty Mississippi river.

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Waco, Texas. A really great place despite what you think you know about it  ;)



Hi Fay and welcome to OPR! Didn't you get a lot of damage down there when Hurricane Ike went through?

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
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Actually we were just west of its path by about 30 miles. We had a bunch of evacuees tho.

Thanks for asking.