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Do you use a Wacom Tablet for restoring your photos?

Started by Sharon, February 04, 2007, 04:16:56 PM

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I cannot work without my Wacom and I cannot imagine doing faces without one. You won't be sorry and be sure to look for good deals on line.



This summer I got the wacom 4x6. Came with Adobe Elements and a couple others,  didn't use it right away, but boy do I really enjoy it  now. Learning the elements is not hard, but I seem to be partial to the bandaid (can't think of it right now). I've been using PaintShop through all of it's versions, so I'm not real strong with Elements yet. Anyway, 4x6 size is perfect for restorations. Can't imagine trying to use something bigger.


I used left-hand mouse (I am right-handed) to do restoration for 9 months before I bought a Wacom tablet.  At the end of that time, I was able to write Chinese characters with mouse and be recognized by Microsoft Office hand writing recognition (which isn't very smart).  Nine months with the tablet, my left hand dexterity (or should it be called sinisterity) degenerated  :-[

The thing I like most about the tablet is the brush feel.  I can change the area of the brush tip by changing the pressure of the pen tip.  My tablet is 6x8.  Any bigger size will require me to move the monitor farther away and much more hand movement.
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OK Shujen, I want to see the close up of that Photo.  What happened to that thread anyway?



Shujen, I second Mary's request.  That looks like one adorable little boy in the avatar.  I'd love to see more photos on that thread, but everyone seems to have lost interest (or are they afraid we'll discover how gorgeous they are and don't want to make the rest of us feel inadequate.???).

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OK Shujen, if you will post a larger photo, so will I. Mary, we are still waiting on one from you.

Back to the subject of the Wacom, I use a  6 x 8 also and love it.


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