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What's the deal!?!

Started by Shadow, December 09, 2016, 01:49:36 PM

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Hey there. Ever open an adjustment layer (like Threshold for a neutral gray) and it looks wrong. You look at your Layers and you see the thing is clipped and you have no idea why photoshop started doing that.  :knuppel:
To correct this photoshop misbehavior - Make sure you DO NOT have an adjustment layer selected, then go to the fly out menu on the Adjustments Panel and Uncheck Clip Layer (towards the bottom of the options). If you have an adjustment layer selected you will not see this option.


yup drives me nuts.. you can also just right click on the layer and say unclip layer.. :mad:
never giving up......learning from others as I go...


You're right Lynn.
Just couldn't figure out why the clipping behavior began in the first place though. Did not find the answer for how the auto clipping gets turned on without me checking that option but glad I found how to turn it off. Maybe save someone else some frustration.  ;)