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Need help on restoration

Started by Sharon, December 10, 2015, 07:29:54 PM

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Can you please give me some guidance on how to finish up this restoration?


Not sure if I did this right...




No, you did not do it right as you want the photo to show up and not a link. The second problem is that instead of picking a site such as PhotoBucket that would allow you to to show your photo--you did a link to PhotShelter instead. I'm not sure how you did that, but noticed you have uploaded it back to us even though the photo is not finished. I would suggest that you sign up with PhotoBucket: http://photobucket.com/  When you go there look on the upper right hand side for "Sign up." Then when you get that done, go to our link: http://www.operationphotorescue.org/forum/index.php/topic,2002.0.html  PhotoBucket has done some updates, but this should give you the general idea. Make sure when you do get your WIP uploaded that you click on the 4th option: "IMG Code." When you click on it, it should turn yellow and say copy. Then you go to the Forum and right click and hit paste. If you hit the preview button below you will get to see if your photo is now showing.

To finish up you need to have the baby grounded and not look like she is floating. That happened when you took the original and dropped her on top of the background. There is some info showing the carpet she is on. Next you will need to finish up the back of her dress.  You have cleaned her face up nicely, but she still needs more color correcting. Her collar is white and your photo has an orange cast. I would suggest getting an easier photo to work on and working your way up to the harder ones.

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Sharon, if you follow this link you will find answers to most of your questions:


Hannie Scheltema
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Thanks for your time in pointing me in the right direction.  Your directions were much better and forward than the old forum post I was trying to learn from. 

It is too bad that we can not use Photoshelter for all our needs in OPR instead of having to join other sites to accomplish such a simple task.


p.s. You are right I may have to choose a simpler image to work on.


Hi Sharon,

PhotoShelter very generously donates the space for us to upload, download, and store photos. Remember that we have thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of photos which is quite a drain on their resources, so it really wouldn't be fair for us to ask them to provide more free services for us.

It's easy enough to find a provider like PhotoBucket that will allow anyone a certain amount of free space for storing images and makes the source code for blog posts simple to copy. That way each volunteer can choose the service they prefer and doesn't have to spend money on it. Most volunteers already have signed up for such services before joining OPR because of their interest in photography.

This approach may require some volunteers to try something new, but it's the best we can do as a charitable organization.

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Thanks for the information.  Now that I have the facts, it all makes complete sense to me.  Now, I better get back to attempting to restore my photo.   ;)