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Dos, Dont's and advice please on image

Started by Galem, November 09, 2015, 03:43:58 PM

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Hello fellow photofixers,
I have another question on an image I'm working on. Being new, I'm asking for a lot of help to get my bearings and will appreciate comments beyond my questions. On this one, I have a 3"x3" b/w image. Some of the details are hidden here, but can't be pulled out of the photo - like the tub faucet, the water handles, and the soap dish.
Q1. The pdf  guide offers some advice on not to add things that aren't there. But if they are there and you still need to add them, like I did here, is that okay? These are from the internet without copyright notices. I was trying to make them seem not so sharp as compared to the rest of the image and may have failed. The background tile grout has been added with vector lines added from Illustrator. Tiles have been completely rebuilt rather than correct the pixels in the file. I'm guessing that's okay?
Q2. Filters. Blurring with the blur tool has been used on the child's skin and the tub to remove artifacts. Okay or no to use a filter like that?
Q3. Does anyone know what the odd thing in the corner of the tiles is and why it is glowing? Would you remove ufos like that, add a glow or what is the best for that.
Q4. I welcome all general comments on anything else. Is this image probably a Polaroid? Has anyone watched the movie Time Zero about the loss of polaroid film and the genesis of a new manufacturer?
Thanks all, maybe someday I can give advice instead of just ask for advice ;)

Gayle Madden


Hi Gayle,

Nice work on your restore and I understand where you are coming from.

Q1. I'm fine with what you have done with the tiles and nice job. The faucet I think was a good replacement but maybe needs to be toned down a little more.  Yes, to adding things that were there to begin with, but damage has removed some of the details. It is great you are asking first.
Q2. I use filters all the time and if they help your photo then use them.  On the baby's skin I would have duplicated the layer and then used Gaussian blur filter and then done a layer mask to conceal all. Then with a soft brush with an opacity around 60% I would brush over the baby's skin. When you do this the  foreground will be white--to show the layer below and you paint back in. Be careful not to blur too much.
Q3. I have no idea what the thing is in the corner. It could have been from the flash, but you can leave it in or take it out.
Q4. Yes, it looks like a Polaroid. No, have not watch the movie "Time Zero." Amazingly enough Polaroid photos usually make it through flooding as long as mold doesn't set in.

Thanks for contributing and all of us have benefited from getting advice on the Forum.

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
[email protected]


Thank you for your answers. I'll try your technique on the child - he is on a separate layer already. I'll see about muting the faucet items a bit more. I'll leave the thing in the corner in, maybe add a bit of glow, and see what my distributor says about that bit.
Thank you!
Gayle Madden


I really like your overall restore but the spigot and valves look a bit copy-pasted to me because of the difference in lighting. And if I'm allowed to nitpick, the shower curtain's outline could be a little softer I guess :).
Best regards,


Thanks for the suggestions Jonas, I'll work more on those two areas and resubmit! I feel the same way about the faucets - they do look stuck on, and the curtains can get a smoothing out of the texture and lightened up a tad.
Gayle Madden