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Courtesy re: photo request frquency

Started by amberlynn, November 12, 2014, 05:20:00 PM

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Hi there,
I'm relatively new the OPR and I was just wondering if once we've completed an image from a specific trip, is it kosher to request again or should we leave options to others? I'd love to do another even though it's from the same trip but I don't want to do too many so others have an opportunity.


Hi Amber,

It's great to see you on the forum.  Thank you for the question.  As soon as you have finished restoring a photo, have uploaded it to the distributor and gotten a reply back indicating that no more work need to be done on it you may request any other photo from any of our galleries.


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Thank you! I'll request one now then  ;D


Hi Amber,

What you see available in the galleries are not all the photos from the recent copy run. Right now there are plenty more that you don't see, but we only put out so many family's photos at at time so that that can be finished first before more are added to the galleries. That way families get their photos back quicker. Thanks for asking.

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