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Are you ready for CS3?

Started by Kenny, December 01, 2006, 05:38:02 PM

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I'm ready....but my wallet isn't  :funny:

Here's a link talking about the upcoming release:  http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0612photoshop.html

But why is the rum gone?


Wow!  That sounds pretty impressive.  The non-destructive filters are an answer to several of my prayers.  And I was just getting used to the functionality of CS2!




I don't think I am ready for PS6 yet, I am having enough trouble coming to grips with CS2, I think CS3 will be a Museum piece before I am ready to upgrade.

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I was excited to read about the update, as I had heard CS3 was coming out, in time for Photoshop World Boston.  The key for me in upgrading will be the benefits to my photography and restorations.  CS2 was great for that.  I'm in the final stages of my unpacking of the new house, and am really missing spending time in Photoshop.  I've visited the forums, but didn't pull up Photoshop until last night, when I needed my creative "fix".  I'm looking forward to getting settled in, and some new restoration pictures with OPR.



I was alerted via email by NAPP today on the beta version of CS3.  The website offers a lot of insights into the new software, and includes some video clips and something from Photoshop TV.  The website is:  http://www.photoshopuser.com/cs3/index.html



This link will keep you current on the latest stuff on CS3, such as links to tutorials, download issues & more. John Knack Adobe photoshops production manager has been posting lots of info there.

The beta version is FREE  to download & try out if you're currently running version CS2. Older versions apparently not.



As a NAPP member, I've had a play with the Beta version of CS3, and what I've seen I really like. Still a few bugs that need to be fixed, but I'll definitely be upgrading when it comes out. :)

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