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Started by Tori803, September 23, 2011, 11:26:31 AM

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Many thanks to Tess and Pat for simplifying the upload process! We now have an 'Upload Button', that is, a direct link from the Forum to the PhotoShelter upload page. Click on the 'Upload to PHOTOSHELTER' box on the left, type in your PhotoShelter login, and you'll go to the upload page.

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Excellent! That will make it easier for everyone. Thank you.



Thanks Pat for the idea and Tess for making it possible. I would suggest once you get to uploading page that you download the PhotoShelter Uploader. It will make it so much easier because you will be able to have a shortcut on your desktop. Also, the Uploader is faster.

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Margie Hayes
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That's a wonderful suggestion Margie.

Following are step by step instructions for getting and using the PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader once you click on our new upload button and get on the upload page.

Get the PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader:

Use your PhotoShelter Desktop Uploader:


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I completely missed this topic, thanks Tess and Pat!
The direct upload button makes it all so much easier. 

Hannie Scheltema
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Where is the uploader button?  It's probably hiding in plain site.

David Gr  ???


Hi David,

You have to be signed into the forum to see it but it's near the top on the left hand side of the forum homepage.  You'll see "view our current fundraiser", "Photoshelter click and pick a damaged photo" then right under that is the "upload to Photoshelter".  Click on that.


"Take a deep breath and think of the three things you are grateful for, right in this moment."  -MJ Ryan Author

Jo Ann Snover

Just wanted to add a note for any Mac users regarding the PhotoShelter Uploader - I have v. 2.4.1 in case this changes with a later update. My Mac OS X version is 10.8.2

The uploader doesn't make file selection straightforward as it shows the underlying UNIX file system rather than your Mac drives as you'd expect.

You can find all your hard drives by selecting the Volumes folder - they're all there and then can be opened and navigated to find the file(s) to upload
Jo Ann


I knew it had to be easier than all those steps in the emails.

But where did my picture go?

I wanted it in the Gallery of volunteer Before/After photos.




Hi Len -

The OPR galleries are not connected to the PhotoShelter galleries. See this thread for info on how to post to the Before & After gallery: