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Noob question about original film stock

Started by Neill, June 04, 2013, 11:45:11 AM

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Just waiting to  for my first downloads and I noticed that the  one of the shots has been taken on cheap 35mm film from the 1980's.

Where does  OPR stand on keeping the look of the film or restoring to 'todays' standard.

What I think i I'm trying to say is the white balance on some  film stock along with cheap cameras,  amateur photography and bad light   never showed  true white. 

So if I correct the white balance in a photo to say give a white shirt that looks white (not say ivory or grey) 

Which is correct, or which is authentic ? 
I Still shoot film for the very reason above..

all comments greatly appreciated



Thanks for bringing this up and caring enough to keep the photo correct as to the time period it was taken. When I try to correct the white balance on a damaged photo I'm trying to correct the changes that water has done on the photo and if it is a an old photo try to bring it back to what it was original. I like using in Photoshop the Levels Adjustment (each channel) and/or the Curves Adjustment. I stay away from the black and white eye droppers unless I know it can get me close to the original. I think if you also stay away from those, especially the white eye dropper, the color will stay an off white.

When you are ready please post your WIP, both the original and your restore. Thanks for your question and yes, authentic to that time period, but you should still be able to color correct without it distorting the white.

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President
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