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OPR copy run at Seaside heights, NJ

Started by schen, May 03, 2013, 11:21:15 PM

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Thanks Shujen.  Liz was a real asset helping anywhere and everywhere help was needed.


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Hilda DeSanctis is a member of the Raritan Photographic Society and was one of 7 members who volunteered to help out. We didn't need them and I called them off when I saw the great team already in place and the workload we had to handle.

This is a shot of Hilda.

Mike is interviewed by one of the most versatile reporters I have ever seen. She was her own cameraman, interviewer and director.

Shujen got into a duel with her.

Here is the boardwalk under repair. The Governor says it will be ready by memorial Day! They are working feverishly to achieve this goal. Time will tell.

Here are a few links to some local newspaper coverage.


Best regards to all.
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Leslie, thanks for the link! I noticed on the writeup that we have now dropped to 22 countries?  :-\

Have you had your interview yet with TV station?

"carpe diem"

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Margie, I was never contacted by anyone from WJAR.  :-\


Thanks for the link Leslie.

The amount of news coverage we've gotten from this copy run is really remarkable.


"Take a deep breath and think of the three things you are grateful for, right in this moment."  -MJ Ryan Author


Wow!  Somehow i missed a lot of this thread.  I'm really impressed with the press coverage of the copy run in New Jersey.  It's great to note that most of the information was correct.  I remember all of the misinformation in the publicity for the first OPR copy run in Biloxi.  Not to mention that press for the run was pretty scant.  But then we didn't have all of the great volunteers who are handling contacting the press as we do now.  What a wonderful difference.

Shujen, I love the photo of the copy run crew.  I'm saving it to my OPR archives.

The team obviously did a marvelous job with help from the Home Depot crew.  I certainly appreciate that OPR managed to pull off another awesome copy run.  The copy stands are amazing.  Check out the photos from the Biloxi run, when we were just starting.  What a difference!

Cheers and thanks to all of the volunteers who were part of the copy run.  It's an exhausting, emotional and rewarding experience for such a special cause.

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