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Jersey Shore Hurricane Sandy Damages

Started by schen, May 06, 2013, 02:29:13 AM

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While at Seaside Heights, most of the storm damaged areas were cordoned off with constant police patrol.  We could not see much of them.  This afternoon after closing the shop at Home Depot on the way back to the airport, I drove along the Jersey shore for 9 miles and saw many homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Here are some pictures to give you the idea of the destruction force.

Shujen Chen
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Thank Schen,

I wonder if this will result in less enthusiasm for living at the waters edge. We have ares here which would suffer just as much and have had a number of cyclones along the coast, thankfully none crossing so far. Haven't seen any comments about changes in real estate values



Puts a whole new perspective about NOT building your house on shifting sand.


And the weather service is predicting a more active hurricane season this year  :'(


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Shujen, thanks for posting these amazing photos.  It truly brings home that no one should build homes so close to the water.  Here in the Tampa Bay area we have man-made barrier islands on the Gulf and on the Bay that are wall-to-wall condos and high-end homes.  Should our luck run out and we get a direct hit, I can't imagine the magnitude of the disaster.  There are 4 ways off of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater peninsula:  the Skyway Bridge going south (which is closed whenever we have high winds), two low bridges heading east to Tampa and Orlando (which both flood during bad storms), and the narrow part of the peninsula heading north, which on a normal work day is wall-to-wall traffic.  I pray every hurricane season that we're spared - I fear that Tampa Bay could end up in worse shape than the Gulf Coast after Katrina should a storm of that magnitude decide to check us out.
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You know I am always amazed and in awe of the destructive power of nature.  I had the experience of coming back through a hurricane in 1995 while on deployment serving aboard an aircraft carrier, I was very young and naive back then butt needless to say that I was awestruck by power and how tiny and insignificant even a 95,000+ Tons we were. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimitz-class_aircraft_carrier

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