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Throwing in the towel

Started by jaem, August 27, 2012, 07:08:10 PM

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Hi there. I just uploaded a photo from your gallery that I've been working on for a couple of months (portrait of a baby). It was pretty badly damaged and probably above my skill level, but I'm stubborn and I kept thinking that I was definitely going to figure it out. However, I just cannot do anymore. It has finally defeated me. I've really done the best I can and I'm just stuck. I'm sorry I couldn't fully restore it.


Hi Jennifer,

It is not always easy during a copy run to determine if a photo like this one should be accepted or considered a non-restore.  Many times enough information can be found in the individual channels of photos that seem damaged beyond any reasonable expectation of repair.  Unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case with this photo. 

Thanks so much for giving it your best shot.  Don't let it discourage you.   :hug:


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Hi Jaem, thanks for the great run and you really improved that photo, but sometimes the damage is too much to overcome. Don't knock yourself up, because you gave it a great try. For your next restore take an easier and fun one. It makes coming back more enjoyable.


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You are not the first to be befuddled by this one. It's really difficult and you gave it your best. Margie's right. We want you to have fun doing restorations. Try an easier one this time. Each picture is important to the family. And we want you to enjoy your work.



Hi Jennifer,

thanks for letting me know and you did an amazing job on this one already!
Since this is a very hard image to restore, don't feel bad about returning it, take another one as soon as you want and hopefully this will be more fun for you :-)!
With your permission I'd like to add your WIP together with the original file to my gallery, so other volunteers can try to build up on your progress?
Best regards,


Hi Jonas! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I was just taking a little break from the photo restoration since I have a lot of other work besides. I think I will try to start another one soon, though. Yes, you can go ahead and post the photo for other volunteers to try to improve on.