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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Started by corpusdei, January 25, 2012, 02:05:10 PM

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I've been putting this together for the most common actions that I'm finding that I use during a restore, thought I'd share since some of them are really handy (like using Shift+F5/F6/F7 to fill, feather, or invert a selection respectively, or Shift+'+'/'-' to cycle through blending modes and Alt+Shift+n to reset to normal).

Select Tools
Space Bar – Quick Hand tool
m (shift+m) – Rectangular (elliptical) marquee
l (shift+l) – Lasso (Polygonal/Magnetic lasso)
I (shift+i) – Eyedropper (Color Sampler/Note/Count)
j (shift+j) – Spot Healing Brush (Healing/Patch/Red Eye)
b (shift+b) – Paintbrush (Pencil/Color Replacement/Mixer Brush)
s (shift+s) – Clone stamp (Pattern Stamp)
y (shift+y) – History brush (Art History Brush)
e (shift+e) – Eraser (Background Eraser/Magic Eraser)
h - Hand
z – Zoom

q – Toggle Quick Mask
Shift+F5 – Fill selection dialog box
Shift+F6 – Feather Selection
Shift+F7 – Select Inverse
Ctrl+d – Deselect
Ctrl+Alt+r – Open Refine Edge box
Shift+click and drag (Alt+click and drag) When using a selection tool add / subtract from selection

Press 1 – 9 to select opacity (0=100%, 1=10%)
Press shift+1 – 9 to select flow amount (0=100%, 1=10%)
[ or ] - increase / decrease brush size
d – Reset fore/background colors to default black and white
x – Toggle fore/background colors
Alt+Del (Ctrl+Del) – Fill with foreground (background) color
Ctrl+z – Toggle last action (Undo)
Ctrl+Alt+z (Ctrl+Shift+z) - Step back (forward) through history
Caps Lock – Toggle cursor to crosshairs

Ctrl+click layer thumbnail to select all elements on that layer (add Alt / Shift to add/subtract selection)
Alt+click on mask icon – Create mask filled with black
Ctrl+j – Duplicate layer
Ctrl+g (Ctrl+Shift+g) – Group (Ungroup) selected layers
Ctrl+Alt+g – Create/Release clipping mask
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+e – Merge a copy of all visible layers onto current layer (requires blank layer)
Ctrl+e – Merge onto next lower layer (if multiple layers are selected, this will merge them together)
Shift+click on layer mask – Toggle mask on/off
Shift+'+' (Shift+'-') - Cycle through blending modes
Alt+Shift+n – Change Blending mode to normal
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I LOVE keyboard shortcuts. Thanks, Simon!