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Do's and dont's. Please print this out as a reference guide.

Started by Tess (Tassie D), October 06, 2008, 09:25:16 PM

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Tess (Tassie D)

Hi Nadine, we try to keep the size down where possible as we have limited storage.
On a small photo around 1mb is ok. Once you get into the larger ones they really get big quick.
Tess Cameron
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Maybe save ALL photo sizes at 10. That'll get it stuck in your mind.   :up:
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All photos uploaded to our galleries are at Quality 10 (a few 12s have slipped in). This is same quality that Almay Stock Photos requires. Once a volunteer changes the mode and works in .psd to keep from degrading the quality of the jpg,then when the wip is finished, save as an sRGB at Quality 10. As mentioned before this keeps our file size reasonable and the quality good.

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Hannie Scheltema
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Bambi,  I have already printed these tips.  Thanks, Sandi
~ Sandi :)


Really good tips, I going to save in my desk for remember all the time, you should create a pdf file too like the handbook. thanks.
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