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Started by Hannie, October 14, 2010, 10:56:11 AM

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Lately I have been getting a fair amount of spam in my OPR mail box.  I mean my main mailbox and not the Spam box.  Often the sending address is from an OPR volunteer and that is the reason my spam filter will regard the email as safe. 

Could you please check your computer for viruses, Trojans or other malware that is using your address book to send spam to your contacts.

I will block any address that sends spam from now on.  Please use the forum for questions related to OPR as this will rule out the possibility of messages not arriving due to my spam filter.

OK, I will get off my soap box now...

Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]


Hannie, your little soap boxster is adorable!

Just so you're aware, I was spammed by a very clever virus creator that's using my friends' e-mail addresses to make the e-mails look as if it came from people I know.  Macs don't usually get viruses, but if this one worked, it pulled all of the addresses from my book and sent the spam to everyone therein.  If anyone else is dealing with that, I'm not sure how it can be stopped. It's apparently self-perpetuating. I wish people would find better things to do with their time!


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Tess (Tassie D)

Another thing for people to watch for is forwarding emails where we can see all the peoples adresses. These end up on someone's unprotected computer and the spammers get your email address.
For forwarding emails its best to delete all the other addresses and use BCC which hides the recipients email address.
Tess Cameron
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]