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TUTORIAL: How to use LAB channels in RGB.

Started by kstruve, August 15, 2007, 08:49:38 PM

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The screen shots are missing.  Can they be put back.  Please, please.  :-)


Hi Sharon,

this topic is quite old, 2007 actually. 

Unfortunately sometimes the images disappear from old topics. 
We have no control over that, it is up to the individual volunteer to make sure the images remain in topics, especially if it is a tutorial.

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I saw a good video on YouTube once about using LAB, but I've forgotten the exact link. You might try googling "YouTube Using LAB color" for some suggestions.

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Be sure also to check out the Curvemeister plug-in, that lets you use all sorts of mask (including, Lab, CMYK, HSL and HSB). Using the S-channel from the HSL space is very nice for identifying and repairing colour damage (spots etc).


Sharon, at some point we may need to clean up, as in delete old Forum posts. Recently we lost images when a photo sharing site wanted $400 ransom a year in order for people to keep using their site. However, on really old Forum posts it is a case of volunteers changing/deleting their folders where they kept the photos and the link gets broken. Those are lost forever and the post is no longer relevant.

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