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A Few Questions

Started by Marydh, April 01, 2010, 01:39:57 PM

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Hi Tess,
I'm assuming since this picture is from your gallery that I should direct these questions to you.
1.) I've circled some writing that shows up on the front of the picture but I'm sure it was originally
     written on the back.  Should I leave it there or get rid of it?
2.) Would it be okay to crop off a little bit of the right side where there is nothing but white?
3.) Should I extend the fence to the right?
Thanks a bunch.


i'm not Tess, but do have an opinion on the writing >:D It may have leaked through from the back, but it may also have transferred from another picture stacked on top of that one. I'd eliminate it. As for the fence, it looks like the children are in front of a partly open gate. The emulsion doesn't seem to be gone t the photo's top right, and there's no sign of fence there. I wouldn't extend anything into that space. Tess is the one who will have to decide about cropping.

Nice job so far, BTW.


Hi Lurch,
Thanks for the comments. 

How can you tell if the emulsion is gone or not?

That's interesting about an open gate....but what would be the part showing
under the girl's arm on the left?

One more thing,  the writing seems to says "Halie 5 Raelynn 6 Hunter 4" and
a date which makes me believe it pertains to this picture.  I agree, however,
that I ought to get rid of it.  If they have the original picture they could transpose that
information later, yeah?


Tess (Tassie D)

Hi Mary, yes get rid of the writing. As you say the owners can rewrite it on the back of the new one.
I wouldn't extend the fence as its not there in the original. At the lower edge behind the girl in pink is just the ground as it seems to be a raised bank of ground behind them. I'd just fill in the girl in pink as much as possible. the rest is overexposed above her from the sun i think.
Its looking really great so far. :up:
Tess Cameron
Distribution Coordinator
[email protected]


QuoteHow can you tell if the emulsion is gone or not?
This is just me, mind you. I decide the emulsion is gone if the damage is white, and the area and its edges are ratty. This doesn't count white mold spots, which tend to be small and isolated though they can be numerous.

Quote. . .but what would be the part showing under the girl's arm on the left?
I'm assuming here you mean the viewer's left (I think Tess was talking about subject left). In my view that would be a bit of the stationary part of the fence. Looks to me like the gate hinges attach where the vertical post is underneath damage, behind the boy's head. If I'm right, there wouldn't be any fence verticals above the angled gate top.