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Uploading Restorations

Started by beckysell, August 21, 2006, 08:40:22 AM

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I've made a brief video tutorial on uploading. I'll post it on the forum as soon as YouTube makes it public.


But why is the rum gone?


YouTube takes FOREVER to convert videos!  :D

Here it is, though:


Like I told Christine earlier, I'm not the Steven Spielberg of tutorials, I'm more like Ed Wood  :P


But why is the rum gone?



You rock!  :wnw:

Your way looks easier than mine, less hunting around---

I originally made my little list because I couldn't remember the steps ....  was happy to post it, but sorry it wasn't an easy fix for Sean.
I have "a list" for ImageShack too!...

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Quote from: cmpentecost on March 12, 2007, 07:05:54 PM
Then, again, across the top, you should see an "Upload to Photoshelter MU".  Click on that.  From there, in the green box, click on OPR as Organization, leave photographer ...
Nope... that's where the process breaks down.  I posted a pic of what I get after clicking the MU option here:

Quote from: KiskaDoes this help??
Actually it does.  Being told to click on "My Photoshelter" (and ignore the drop down menu was added by someone else too) doesn't get me a page that looks like that.  It looks like this:

I can get to a page that looks like yours though.  My Photoshelter->Image Buyer Area.  Clicking on image buyer area gets me this:

and then clicking on "Upload to PhotoShelter MU" gets me this:

so... different pages, same issue  :(

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Hi Sean,

I've asked Dave to look into the problem you are having, as I think it might be something on the OPR side of things causing the problem.  Hopefully, we'll have this problem resolved soon!



I posted this elsewhere, but I thought I'd place it in this thread to possibly eliminate frustration for our newbies.

Upload your completed restorations to PhotoShelter.  Once you log in you can see a line of menu items at the top.  The second from the right says "Upload to PhotoShelter MU."

Click on that and you'll go to the upload area. Under the select organization pull-down you'll find OPR.  Leave select photographer pull-down blank.

To the left you can leave a comment and to the right you can browse your computer until you find the restoration, choose it and upload. (It could take a while, but you'll get a message when the image is successfully uploaded.)  Once you've uploaded the restoration, notify your coordinator (Chris or Paula) and verify that it's been received.

Depending on how current your operating system is you can also download their uploader, which appears to me to take you to an FTP site, and uploading takes much less time.  I'm on a Mac and I had to have OSX and Java before I could use it, but it's another excellent alternative.
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I have the same problem - I log into photoshelter and then after clicking the "upload to Photoshelter MU" link I get:

You are not a member of any Organizations
In order to upload images to an organization, you must be designated as an editor or uploader.

I've had trouble getting the images in the first place, maybe it is an account problem, it seems we don't have the access level required to upload files?



Here is the way I do it:

1. click on PhtoShelter a the left frame of this page

2. click on Login; fill email address and password then click Login button

3. Click on pull-down menu My PhotoShelter and select Photographer Area

4. Click on pull-down menu MY ARCHIVE and select Upload to Org

5. Click on [ Select Organization ] and select Operation Photo Rescue

6. Click on the first Browse button and browse to the file I want to upload then click Upload button

I hope this helps.

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Download that Photoshelter uploader program. It's fairly simple to use. Thta's what I used to upload and had no problems.


Hi Chris

It sounds to me as if you're not being recognized as an OPR member.  Several people have had this problem in the past.  Check with Admin -- Chris Pentecost (cmpentecost) will probably know if that's the problem, and I'm hoping she'll be able to help you. No matter how well you know your way around the site, they have to have you on file as a member.

Good luck

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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