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Channels and color photos

Started by MFiske, January 28, 2010, 09:33:39 PM

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Hello all. I am new to OPR and have a question. Hope I am posing the question in the right location. I am working on a color photo where a face/head is obliterated by gunk, but details can be found in the blue channel. I am looking for the technique that allows you to restore the blue channel and then somehow get it into layers. I read Lurch's piece on Reconstruction tip for color photos but have been unable to replicate the technique.  Help? Many thanks, Marilyn from Cheyenne, WY


Hi Marilyn,

To copy your blue channel as a layer:

1. Select the blue layer in the layers pallet.

2. Select/All

3. Edit/Copy

4. Select the RGB channel in the layers pallet

5. Edit/Paste.

The blue channel should now be a layer in the layers pallet, ready to edit.

I had a bit of trouble getting the hang of this at first - this works for PS, I hope that is what you are using.

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Hi Marilyn,

Welcome to the forum!
What you may try after you did what Max said is to experiment with a hide all mask and paint back in the man's head. 
Try changing the mode to luminosity but that only gives good results if the colors below are good.

If you like you can post your work, it is easier to help that way.

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This might clarify.

1 Go to channels palette.
   Click to activate the channel you want to copy
   Select all>Copy
2 Click to activate the rgb channel> THEN paste
3 The channel you copied should now be the top layer in the layers palette

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