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Graphics Tablet

Started by Kenny, July 22, 2006, 12:47:50 PM

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Rob Accomando

I have a tough time with my wacom 4x6 because I'm not used to drawing without looking at my hand on the paper. :-) I'm also used 2 using the mouse w/my right hand even though I'm a lefty. Am I a freak or what? heh.  Still trying 2 get used to it all.


I recently bought an Intuos 4X6  @ 8x12pad. At first it took a little practice to get used to it.  Now that I have had it for 5 months, I think its worth every penny I paid for it.  I wasnt sure at first if the size would be just right. I always perceived the bigger the better. I wouldnt use this theory in selecting a pad size. Because I am older and not as flexible, the 4x6 pad is just the perect size, because I can work the whole screen with very little arm movement. I bought my pad on Ebay and it also came with a 8x12 pad, I never use it. I leave my origional wireless mouse hooked up and I also have my pad hooked up. I can easily interchange between them with little problem. I feels so natural. I just have to remember to remove the pen away from the pad if using my cordless mouse. I also received a mouse to use with the Intuos pad, but I never use it. I dont think that if you ever purchased one used or new, that you would ever regret it. Its just plain an outstanding tool to have when working with any graphics or photos. The only drawback, is that they are not cheep. I prefer the intuos model, but both work just fine. Oh by the way, I have a plastic flap on my pad that I use to draw on, the flap lifts up so that a photo or graphic can be placed underneath for tracing or guide. I also live out in the country, and have to drive 1 hr to a electronics store. Compared to the price of new, a used one on Ebay suited me just fine.  Good Luck.  Jerry


I am a lefty also, but use the mouse in my right hand.  Just keep with practicing on the tablet, and it will eventually become natural to you.  I've had my tablet a year, and absolutely love it.  I couldn't imagine working in Photoshop without it.



Thanks Christine and Jerry

Quote:"I have a plastic flap on my pad that I use to draw on, the flap lifts up so that a photo or graphic can be placed underneath for tracing or guide."

That's an excellent idea Jerry...  Did you add the plastic flap yourself or was it manufactured that way?

Here's a photo of my desktop...


Pcraft - it was manufactured that way.


I started using a tablet about 11 years ago at an agency I worked for. We used the tablets for Photoshop, Xpress, Illustrator, FreeHand, etc. When I started doing stuff at home I had to have one. I've found it difficult to do work w/o it. When I freelanced I brought my tablet to job sites. It's one of those tools that changes everything.

I am a lefty too. I use my mouse with the right hand and the pen in the left; both in hand when I work so I can quickly change styles or tools.


as an added note to the tablet.  I've had mine a year, and have used it a lot.  I finally replaced the "nib" or whatever you call it (the "pen tip") today.  Wow, I can't believe the difference a fresh nib makes.  Part of the reason I hadn't replaced it was I didn't know how, until going online.  You just pull it out with a tweezers or pliers, and put the new one in.  Wow, what a difference it made.  Hard to believe a piece of plastic would get worn down so much.

Hope this helps you other tablet users!



I have ordered a 6x8 Intuos3 from citysoftware.com.au here in Australia over 2 weeks ago now and have been getting the run around from them.  I get told will be here in a couple of days, several times, then they had a problem with their account and the supplier, then get told they have sorted that will be in a couple of days, and on and on and on.  As the price is the best I could find, $369Aus, I am waiting, but unless it is here middle of next week, I will be really getting annoyed.  Certainly not the way to run a business.  They have never contacted me to keep me informed and have only returned my calls twice, after berating them for not returning calls.  Even the manager has been giving me the run around.  Certainly will be mentioning this lack of service in some Aussie Forums when and if I receive my order.

It is nice Christine that you can change the pens nibs to other things, you can get an assortment of them, here they cost about $40 for the pack of accessory nibs etc.



Update, to the Intuos Tablet that took 3 weeks to get after ordering.  Arrived yesterday which surprised me and my girls.  Wow is the 6x8 bigger than I thought it would be, but it does give you much more area to work with.  Certainly takes a little time to get used to.  Have got it working in vanilla mode with Photoshop at present and have been doodling with it on a blank workspace just to get used to the feel of it.  Now I have to buy two Graphire 4x5 for my daughters or they will be using mine which I don't want.

The Educational Version doesn't come with any software apart from the driver disk and a quick demo, the pen and some extra nibs, but no tweezers to pull the nibs out easily.

Looking at whether the pen holder and extra nib set is worth getting what do those with the Intuos 3 think ??

If you setup the buttons etc can you set them to work differently depending on what application is in use at the time ??

Any hits or extras that people might have let me know what works ??




I started with the Graphire tablet a couple of years ago, just to give it a try.  It isn't as sensitive to pressure as the newer ones.  I got an intous 3 at the last Photoshop World, and absolutely love it.  I'm not using the strips all that much yet, but I think it is a matter of training me!.  I use this tablet at work.   Recently my big Viewsonic monitor quit working.  I looked at replacing it, and finally gave up and decided to indulge myself with the Wacom Cintiq.  It is FABULOUS!  You draw right on the screen, and it can be rotated from portrait to landscape, depending what you are working on.  I absolutely love it, and think it will be worth every penny.
If it's artsy or Photoshop, I'll give it a try!
aka Betty

Sonya K

Okay...now you've all got me very excited about my new purchase.
I've been using a trackball for the last while for my restorations.
But today! Today I purchased an Intuos3 6x11, for overnight delivery.
Before I read all the great feedback in this post.
I am so excited I probably won't sleep at all tonight. ;D

Sonya K