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Solar curve

Started by TerryB, September 29, 2009, 11:06:44 AM

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Solarization reminds me of 2001:Space Odyssey.

Back in the film/paper print days, I played with solarization a few times and never understood how optically or chemically it actually worked. 

I am guessing the solar curves give steep curves and hence provide sharp contrast of subtle differences that are difficult for human eyes to tell.

I hope QC will ignore this technique.  Otherwise, I have redo all my restorations.  :mad:
Windows 10, Photoshop CS6


I finally got a chance to try out the solar curve.  Our lovely distributor successfully hid the damages in the thumbnail.  When I applied the solar curve, those subtle damages were more than obvious.

We demand that all the thumbnails be posted with a solarized image!  :mad:

Windows 10, Photoshop CS6


Shujen, you know the saying: Buyer beware!  :funny:

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
OPR President


That's right, caveat emptor!  Thanks for the tip Shujen, I saved the solar curve and will use it on all the restore uploads from now on, starting with yours!  >:D

Hannie Scheltema
Distribution Coordinator