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A lot of guesswork in this one

Started by TerryB, May 26, 2009, 04:49:33 PM

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Been working at this one for so long I'm no longer objective.
Intentionally got rid of the thermostat in the wall.
Looks overworked.  Suggestions welcome.

And here's something dazzle your cat: a new and improved invisible force field.
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Ok, in the for what its worth category... The lady's hand seems larger/longer in the original, maybe the fingers are extended instead of curled in a fist? Also I think the dress should continue to flow as a one piece. Almost looks like a two piece right now. My imagination is saying the lads arm is bent at the elbow and parallel with the bottom of the photo, I can even see a button or cuff link. I know that is pushing it... It looks like there is a pine or fern plant right behind them. You removed it from the right, maybe remove from middle too and bring the wall edge down to get better definition of the right side of his face and shoulder. I also think there are vertical blinds in the far back of the room behind them that you removed. Not sure hwat you can do with that since that room appears to be very dark.

(like the cat force field, my cat is so danty opening his cat door I think he'd figured it out. but my sisters kittens go flying through there's and it would surely get them!)
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I THINK the boy's arm is straight down and you can get away with no hand. Mom is in a one piece dress.

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Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.
I'll do some tweaking and send it on to Tess.
Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.