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Where did my photo go?

Started by Deborahjc, December 09, 2008, 04:09:45 AM

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I had noticed that some subject postings throughout the forum have "lost" their photos.  This has even happened to me recently.  ???   In my very first posting the note for the work in progress photo now says "This image has been moved or deleted".   I am guessing that this happens when I uploaded my last set of photos.  How can I prevent this from happening?  I am using photo bucket for my photos. 

I realize this is happening to older threads - but I like to read the older posts for tips and I imagine others might too.



Tess (Tassie D)

Hi Deb. Looks like you may have removed the photo from your photobucket space. The photo's name was RosettiR_38_4x6bc.jpg. So whenever you delete one from photobucket it deletes them from here too.
Tess Cameron
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When you remove a photo or move it to a new folder in Photobucket, you are warned that the link may be broken. 

Photobucket lets you organize your pictures into folders.  Perhaps that is what happened.



If you loose the link to one of your post; you can go back into your Photobucket account and click back on the photo to get the new link to paste back into the forum post. Go back to your forum post and click on the icon "Modify" on the upper right hand corner and delete your old photo link and then paste in your new link. Hit "Save" and your photo will show up again. The modify is also great if you want to add or correct something you have written in an earlier post.

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