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Damaged Photo Restoration Tutorial

Started by Ausimax, July 13, 2006, 11:04:56 PM

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For all the other Photoshop challenged like me, I thought this may be of interest, it is a PDF article by Katrin Eisman on restoring badly damaged photos.


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Hi Ausimax,

If you're impressed with that article, try getting your hands on a copy of the book.  Full of step by step tutorials.  The best I have found re. photo restoration.  You can find it in Borders book stores , (although they may have to order it in} or of course you could always try Amazon.

Much of what I learnt about photo restoration came from Katrin's books.




Order them from Amazon and save some $$'s.




I have to add my recommendation for Katrin Eismann's book on restoration & retouching.  I just rediscovered it among my tech books and realized what an incredible resource it is for what we're doing.  I understand there's an updated version available.

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Couldn't agree more. Her DVD's are also excellent. One is specifically for restoration BTW.


Here, Here!  Katrin's books are invaluable.  I use them all the time for reference.  There is a new revision 3 of the restoration book.  It has many different examples in it also.  It was updated for CS2.  She also has one on Masking and Compositing that really should have Selections in the title too!  It also has been invaluable to me.

I buy a lot of my books from http://www.bookpool.com.  They are usually priced less than Amazon, and very speedy with the shipping. 
If it's artsy or Photoshop, I'll give it a try!
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I just bought Matt K's book for PSE...but wondering, does Katrin's book transfer well to PSE, or am I better off sticking with Matt K's???



Have checked out Scott Kelby's "the photoshop elements 4 book for digital photographers"?   :up:  He uses a step by step process to show you how to do various things which I found and still find very useful.  His way of writing is very informal even entertaining, yet clear to most people from beginners to advanced.  He may have updated it for PSE 5.  I recommend it highly.

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Hi Kathy

I had to go back and refer to Katrin's book to be sure it applies to Elements, and she specifically mentions that most of her techniques work well with that software.  Elements has a few limitations compared to Photoshop, but for the most part I think you'd find her books and her web sites a wealth of information, whether you're using Elements or the latest version of Photoshop.  I know I certainly have.  I downloaded a couple of pdfs from her site to refresh my memory on the healing and patching tools and read them again last night. 

I'll always recommend Scott Kelby's books and DVDs.  I have quite a collection because of my membership in NAPP.

And I'm about halfway through Ctein's book called Digital Restoration from Start to Finish.  I'm not a photographer, and he is (and a fine one -- his web site is awesome) -- so I'm picking up information about photography, as well as restoration that I think will serve me well in trying to figure out how to approach some of the damage.  As with Katrin and Scott, he's passionate about his subject, so for a tech book, it's a darn good read.

I'm trying to absorb everything I can about restorations, photography AND Photoshop, because it's amazing how many times one can pull a technique that's not discussed in specific relation to restoring, yet one can extrapolate the information for use in what we do.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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I've sifted through it a little, and I honestly agree, it's a GREAT book ... and beyond that, it's actually useful!

Amazon has 2nd Edition copies in good, used condition for a little over $13 USD + $4 shipping here:

the 3rd Edition is almost 100 pages longer, and supposedly has revised and improved tutorials throughout the entire book ... but the original link posted with this thread leads to the 2nd Edition, so I'm sure there is a LOT to learn with either edition of the book

I ordered mine just now, it's well worth the money

thanks to Ausimax for the link