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PS Books?

Started by mitzs, September 19, 2008, 10:55:49 PM

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I already have like 5 PS books. Yes I admit it. I am a book hussy. I can't stop myself. I love books, but I am wondering what you guys have used to learn your trade? I have Matt K layers book, Dave Cross PS help desk book A couple of other beginner books and my lastest one Photoshop CS3 Retoration and Retouching. I want Katrina E book. And may get it next month. Any suggestions?


You can never have too many books! I love all the ones you mentioned and you really need to get Katrin Eismann's book Photoshp Restoration & Retouching. The nice part is that she gives you a link for the examples in the book, which allows you to work the exercises. I think you are already off to a good start.

If you are a NAPP member, you will have video tutorials and the monthy Photoshop User Magazine.

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Ah, mitzs,  woman after mine own heart!  I'm a book freak, too.  Katrin Eismann's Restoration and Retouching is a must-have.  I also found her book on masking and compositing helpful.  The other two books that I've found the most helpful is Jack Hamm's Drawing the Head and Figure, a recommendation from Mary that is invaluable reference for reconstruction.  And I don't recall seeing it mentioned before, but a gentleman named Ctein wrote a gem called Digital Restoration From Start To Finish.  He addresses some of the more gnarly damage and how to deal with it.  Anything by Scott Kelby (he has an especially good one on channels), Dave Cross, Dan Margulis - actually any of the gurus affiliated with NAPP.  The books give you a good basic understanding of Photoshop's workings and techniques for basic restoration, but I've found that the information scattered throughout our forum is the best for what we do.  We've all experimented and found strange and wonderful techniques that would probably only be applicable to the challenges we have with the "worst of the worst."  Good reading!

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Glenna, I emailed Kartrin Eismann about her book. I didn't want to buy her 3rd edition if she had a newer one coming out because I have CS3. Sadly she doesn't but she told me that her 3rd edition will work great with my verision too so I am getting it next month. I've not been wanting to really order the older books because they tie them into one version but I am going to look up that Ctein guy you mention and I guess I will go put Scotts channel book on my wish list at amazon. I've been wanting to read one of his books but have been putting it off. I guess it time for me to advance in my reading and start digging deeper in PS.