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Hey guys you have to check out CS4 learning center at NAPP

Started by mitzs, September 23, 2008, 03:49:45 PM

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I bought a Nikon D90 earlier this year and found that its raw file can not be recognized by PhotoShop.  Adobe promised an upgrade for CS3 but I am still running CS2.  I knew CS4 was on the horizon and can't justify to do a CS3 upgrade.  I ended up returning the D90.  Now through work, I can buy CS4 Web Premium for $260.  I don't really use Dreamweaver or Flash but the price is great even for PS and Acrobat combined that I use often.  I may not be able to resist putting it on my list for Santa even though I have been more naughty than nice this year.

Adobe also released a free DNG converter that they promise will be maintained to work with the new raw file formats coming out of all the camera manufacturers.  The converter takes a raw file and produces a DNG (digital negative) file that is acceptable by Camera Raw v3.7 that I have and I am sure for newer versions too.  If they keep up their promise, maybe someday we will have a standard raw file format.
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I'm wavering on upgrading to CS4.  Do I need it?  No.  Do I want it?  Of course!  I need to look at see how long that NAPP discount is good for.



NAPP discount is 15% an I believe it is applied last so if there is some Adobe special it is 15% off that too!
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I have CS2 and Lightroom2 and would like to upgrade to  PS CS4. I realize that Adobe will allow I think up to 3 upgrades. I really don't want to get too far behind in all the upgrades or I will feel lost with all the changes. Lightroom2 lets me do everything that the Bridge working with Raw files does in CS4, so I wondering if it is worth it? From what I read in NAPP, CS 4 and Lightroom2 are meant to work together, more than CS3. Also, with CS2, I cannot do smart objects from Lightroom over to PS CS2. 
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I have a question for those of you who have CS4.  I'm still using CS2, which has plenty of "bells and whistles" for accomplishing the restorations.  But I was watching a tutorial by Matt Koslowski on using the color replacement stamp tool, which isn't in CS2.  Did it show up in CS3, or is it new in CS4?  The tutorial was short, but what Matt demonstrated appeared to have incredible potential for our color issues.  Has anyone used it?  Is it worth the upgrade?

With hubby still unemployed, I hesitate to upgrade just to have the latest & greatest, but if there are functions like the color replacement stamp that have the potential to take some of the agony out of our restorations, I'll spring for it.  Since I want to get into more web work (I never thought that concept would be rolling around in an overloaded, old and forgetful brain!), I was considering the entire Suite upgrade.  Any feedback about that?

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I have CS4 (the design premium suite), yup one of those that just have to have the newest and latest. I believe the color replacement brush is new to CS4, at least I don't remember seeing it in CS3. It is grouped with the brush and pencil. Pick your new color, mode (hue, satuartion, color, or luminosity), and to sample continuously, sample once, or sample based on background swatch and then go to town.  May have to experiment to see what combination gets you what you want.  Did a little quick playing before trying to answer and got varying results based on the selections made.

I use Illustrator and InDesign but have not used DreamWeaver yet. I have been wanting to get into designing websites too. It all seems intimidating even though I know its not. My employees used it but wouldn't let management touch it in fear I'd break something.  ;D ::) Would love to have a project to work on so I could just jump in and get my feet wet.
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Gary, thanks for the feedback on the color stamp.  I'm guessing it's like the rest of the tools.  There'll be times when it's invaluable and other times that a different tool would be as good or better.

Believe you me, if it weren't for our one-income situation, I'd have already gotten CS4

We're getting it at work soon, so I'll be better able to evaluate my need for it.  (I absolutely KNOW that I want it!)

Good luck with Dreamweaver.  It's interesting to work with but I find a lot of the code totally baffling.  And I love math and calculations, but sometimes the logic just defies me.  Fortunately our art director is a coding guru and I'm the primary designer, so most times I get to create a piece of art, plug its name in, and I'm done.  If I start mucking around with moving things, or adjusting margins, I hit a major frustration level in short order.  Our web sites are unbelievably complex because of the admin that goes on in the background.  We had an IT guy spend 5 years developing the overall workings of each site, so I don't feel too badly about not having a total grasp.  My guess is that if, unlike our management, you don't expect Dreamweaver to serve you coffee as you're perusing the sites, it wouldn't be such a challenge.  But then we wouldn't have some of the cool interactions, either.  I'd still like to play around with it, just to prove to myself that I'm not as dense as I sometimes feel when I'm trying to move an art object a few pixels to the right.  Sheesh!

Cheers, and thanks again for the information.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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Hi Group,

I started with Photoshop version 7 and have upgraded whenever the next version became available.

From what I understand, Adobe issues a planned new release every 18 months.  So, you can set your calendar for the next $200 being due in a year and a half.

I went to a NAPP seminar with Dave Cross a while back and I recall him asking the audience about who has CS3, then who has CS2, CS, Version 7, etc.  He jokingly noted that the people's hands are held up lower and lower the older the version is that they have.  And that seems to be true, only with the latest version are you being considered being part of the "in" crowd.

Well, I decided this year that I will just be with the "out" crowd and skip CS4.  I also did my research on the new features of CS4 and didn't find anything real useful for my business.  It also bothers me that "quietly" features are being removed with the new version (that I am heavily using).

Remember ImageReady?  It was gone with CS3 and Scott Kelby jokingly stated that no one is using it anyway (but when CS2 was introduced he talked all about how cool ImageReady is).  Well, I did (and still do) my website with ImageReady and even though I don't have the coolest website, I am proud to say that I did it on my own (and also didn't ship another job off to India).

I read that the Automate>Web Photo Gallery has been removed in CS4.  Well, about 90% of my customer reviews are done with this handy script and then uploaded to my website.  Nice to know that this was taken out as well.

Now don't get me started on the price tag.  I seem to recall that an upgrade was $149 list price, now it is $199.  Photoshop is (and will stay) the gold standard for image editing but other programs have gotten as good or sometimes better than Photoshop.  I, just like most of you, have spent tons of time learning it with hours over hours of trial and error, so I will stick with it.  I actually really love Photoshop but have an issue with being jerked around on pricing and features being quietly pulled with the next version.

I think I don't even listen anymore when Scott Kelby talks about the next and most exciting version of Photoshop that is coming out and it being the greatest thing since slices bread and such a huge improvement over the previous version.  I heard enough of that corporate prep-talk in the management jobs that I held in the past and it also reminds me of the great "catastrophe" IT system upgrade at my bank that was only implemented "to the benefit of the customer".  It has never to do with the bank trying to lower internal cost.

Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest.
Again, I love Photoshop but I don't think it is necessary to stick with every upgrade.  You can even consider starting to look for CS3 on e-bay now, it will become cheap once CS4 is in full swing.  That should save a few bucks.




Richard, I find your remarks about Photoshop worth pondering. (I'll do just that once the steam clears from my computer!  You're definitely a guy with strong opinions – and I mean that as a compliment!)  Now I'm eager for our department to install CS4 and find out what I think.  I'm amazed that Image Ready is no longer part of Photoshop.  We do all our animations in Image Ready.  Is it a stand-alone now, or is it just gone?

I'm going to be especially interested in how the upgrade affects our web design, especially if critical functions are missing.  Very strange!

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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I believe Image Ready has been replced by FireWorks in CS4. And the web gallery is now part of Bridge in CS4 but the plugin is available on the DVD or by download to add back into Photoshop if desired.

Windows 7 & CS5 Design Premium, restoration in work photos uploaded at GaryHaley.photoshop.com


Just FYI - the color replacement tool is available in CS3, the version I use. Thanks for the reminder!

I'm very new here, and am trying to get my tools and processes in order, since most of my retouching experience has been with very old black & white photos (many over 100 years old) and it's mostly been adjusting for scratches and contrast. I've done some restoration with color photos, but with the by guess and by gosh method, and the photos here require more organization and efficiency than that.  :)


Hi krishirt

Welcome to OPR and the forum!  Thanks for the tip that the color replacement tool is in CS3.  Now I wonder if I should just hit E-Bay and get that upgrade. I don't imagine there's a lot of use for that tool in B&W work, but have you had any experience with it?

I contacted Adobe to find out if they'd offer an additional discount on CS4 to OPR members who are also NAPP members, but I got referred to another department and haven't had time to pursue it.  Will have to practice my groveling expertise and find time at work.

Hmmmm... organization and efficiency... if you're good at that, would you please post in the tips & tricks?  I seem to be only good at scatter-shot techniques.


What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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