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Using the Patch tool on a separate layer??

Started by Atlantis, January 28, 2008, 11:41:48 AM

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When working with the (spot)healing tools I can use them on a separate layer so I can do and undo as much as I like. It's a non-destructive method and I use it a lot.
But I cannot do the same when I want to try the patch tool. Why? I use PS CS2.
The patch tool is supposed to work miracles but I have not found the magic word yet  :-[ .
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Hi Atlantis,

I use CS and have had the same experience as you. What I do is just duplicate the layer and then the patch tool will work just fine. Good luck with your restoration.........



What I've done in Windows is Control>Alt>Shift>E to merge all of the layers UP, so that I can use the patch tool.  I try and use the patch tool early in the restoration after making a copy of the background layer, but there are times I still will have to merge my layers up. 



Chris, I use your technique which usually works quite well.  By the time I'm ready for the patch tool, I'm also ready to merge layers.  I don't understand why such a powerful program that allows sampling all layers on nearly every other tool doesn't allow it with patch.  Strange...

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Unfortunately its limitation of working only on the primary layer make it the least useful tool in my opinion, most cases where I would use the patch tool I copy and paste and blend in with levels/curves, and you don't suffer the colour bleed in from adjoining damaged areas.

Its good on small patches where you can cover the damage in one pass but other than that I don't use it much.

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I feel the same about the patch tool as Max.  I do not have great results using the tool.  Then again, in my case, it may be lack of PS knowledge or wrong use of the tool?

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So I'm not the only one frustrated by a tool that has potentional great value in restoring textures ...
Maybe something changed for the better in CS3? Any CS3 users around here?
The only way to get better is to figure out what I did wrong.


I've got CS3, and there are no changes to the patch tool.  Maybe by the time CS4 rolls around, we'll see a change!