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Ziaphra's Restorations - Updated 17th July

Started by Ziaphra, July 05, 2006, 01:58:08 PM

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Nice job. My only comment would be about the right side of her face. I think there would be either more hair here (Roughly indicated in red), or you would see an indication of her ear.  She currently has a very large/deep cheek with no ear.

By phischer at 2007-07-17


Great work as always, Ziaphra!  My only comments are that her nose could use more highlight at the end to make it more like the button nose I see in the original.  Also, her cheeks could be a little rounder and pudgy, especially at the corners of her mouth.



Good work on this toughie.  I think I would soften the lines that go from the corner of her mouth up to her nose.  I think that they should be a lot softer for a child her age.


This is a difficult one and you have done a wonderful job.  When I stared at the original, I seemed to see more of a smile on her. Seemed like there was something more of the left eye (deeper socket) and right corner of her mouth (pulled up a little more to the side).  We see what we want to see.   :D
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I think her bottom lip is more poutier..but what a amazing job you have done..great restore!

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Thanx guys...makes me look at it with new eyes. ;)

Tess (Tassie D)

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I think you have just made someone very happy Ziaphra.  :wnw:

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Thanx again guys...you have been invaluable as her little face eluded me for too long!


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