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Was wondering...

Started by sanbie, July 17, 2007, 09:57:38 PM

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I am wondering...because there are only really damaged photo's left..are we able to choose one...but ask that it still be up for download?
There is one I wouldn't mind trying..but I am not confident enough to think I will do a good job with it...so I thought if I did download it to try and someone else wanted to download it later..that would be ok...

What do you think?

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I too find those lft far too challenging but would not mind experiment with a more difficult picture while waiting till some less difficult ones are available. Ruth


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I think Christine is the best on to answer this one from a logistics point of view. BUT nothing says you can't give something a go. Please don't worry about whether or not you can cut the mustard--give it a shot and if it doesn't go as planned--that is OK too. As a whole the only thing we ask is that you don't disappear. Keep us updated and everything is good.

When we were trying to figure out how to set things up (always a work in progress, but the beginning was mind blowing), we were afraid of having multiple people working on the same restoration for fear of a competitive nature and people feeling like they are wasting their time. That is one of the reasons we have set it up so only one volunteer to each photo.

All of that being said, give it a shot. And don't sweat it if it doesn't come out like you wanted it to. There will always be more photos--some easier and some harder. It is the unfortunately nature of what we are doing.

Does any of that help or just make it worse??? I hope it helped!

Let us know if you have any other questions...

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You might try copying a screen shot of one of the more difficult photos and play with it while you wait for more. I was in the middle of doing one when the last batch was posted so when I finally got there the more difficult ones were all that was left. So I just copied some I thought I would like to try my skill on. I look at it as a way to advance my skills plus no one is waiting for something I may not be able to complete.  Haven't started working on any yet. but hope to in the next few days. The copy will only be screen resolution but you should have all the functionality of the higher res photos other than the resolution. If you do this be sure to click on the photo in the gallery to get a larger screen image to work from. I used this technique in selecting my last restoration.

Angela was replying as I was writing this. She has a valid point also.



Hey Guys,
You can try any of the ones left in my gallery.  Let me know (by email)  which one you'd like to try and I'll send it to you.  I won't remove it from the gallery as I normally would.  This might be the beginning of  a great new "clean up the yuckies" movement.  I like it.  May the best restorer win. ;D


Oh cool will go now!! Thanks Paula!

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Hi Paula

I like the idea of being able to snag a restoration that looks particularly interesting or challenging to practice on when things are slow, even if another volunteer has claimed it.  In one instance I'd returned a photo when I was ill, it was returned to me after someone else had completed it because I needed it for reference.  As it turned out, my iteration was a little off, and the new restoration was also not right on the money.  A combination of the two somehow corrected the parts that didn't quite look right.  I don't know how often that might happen, but at least we can have an opportunity to try out some of our methods on these devilish ones that are left. You know – pwactice, pwactice, pwactice!  I don't know about the other volunteers, but I enjoy and learn nearly as much working on others' dilemmas as I do on my own challenges. (Hence the 500,000 posts I've logged – well not quite that many, but I'm working on it!)


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Instead of emailing me, just go ahead and leave a comment but be sure to mention it's for the YUCKIES MOVEMENT because I will handle these differently.  Have fun. :)



Hi Sanbie,

I think Paula's idea is good, in that you can try out the photo for a day or so before deciding if you have the capabilities of making it work.  I think the best thing though as to give the "Yuckie Movement" 24 hours to see if it's worth it.  If it is, we withdraw it from the gallery, and if not, you're free to work on it, but we'll keep it in the gallery.  I'd hate to see a duplication of efforts on an extremely difficult photo.  I've done a copy and paste of a few bad ones myself, trying to clean up a family order, and I can figure out pretty quickly whether or not I have the skills for it.

Good suggestion, by the way!