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Just curiosity.

Started by truckersau, November 19, 2007, 09:23:09 PM

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You need a cat!   ::)



Fair dinkum, ( yep, more Aussie slang ).
This is what I love about this sort of organization, (apart from being able to give something back in life ).
All these people, all over the world, from all walks of life and backgrounds, here for one perpose.
I left school when I was 13 and put to work, in the building trade untill I was about 20, joined the army and while I was there I got my semi licence. When I got out of the army I took on interstate truck driving and did that untill about 5 years ago.
A friend of mine bought me Photoshop a bit over 12 month ago, and I've been teaching myself that since ( and still learning ), so I have no formal training, or real education.
Oh, by the way I have 2 kids, a boy 29, a girl 36, and I have 11 grandkids, the two youngest one now life just around from me, the others live in Queensland.




kiska and that royal Hannah pooch are up to no good.  A cat could be just the ticket to keep them out of trouble!

And Ray -- you've led a very interesting life.  For a guy who's been using Photoshop for such a short time, you've done some wonderful work for OPR.  Especially knowing that you're doing it all upside down! Amazing!


What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~Albert Pine

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Tess (Tassie D)

Quote from: GlennaEspecially knowing that you're doing it all upside down! Amazing!

Yep that superglue is good stuff.  :funny:
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I spent nine years in the Army and got myself discharged when my son was born.  My husband served 23 years and dragged us from pillar to post all over the world.  We moved 13 times in 19 years.  While the kids were little I did a lot of volunteer stuff.  My favorite was an adult literacy tutor.  I taught adults to read.  It was magical.  In 1996 I started with an online service in the UK.  The money was flowing and it was great fun until we were bought out by a big corporation and the party was over.  When I finally figured out (I'm a bit slow at times) that the IRS - the income tax people - were taking roughly 35% of my income and I weighed that fact along with how un-fun it had become and handed in my notice in 2005. 

I built and am furnishing a big fancy dollhouse, all of it made by me.  It's something I always wanted to do.  I've sewn since I was 10 years old and I still enjoy that.  I have four cats, two adult children (21 and 23) and a husband who is all Type A and organized.  He's a network engineer.  Last Christmas I bought myself a huge Photoshop upgrade from 6 to CS2 with an eye to restoring some old family photos that I found in deplorable condition stuffed in a grocery sack in my mother's shed.  I finally started on them in July and found OPR via Katrin Eismann's website.   I very much enjoy taking something that was a mess and making it look sortof the way it did.  I learn something from every picture and I've learned from all of you.
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I too am among the retirees. I have been retired just over 2 years. In my former life I worked in higher education in the audio visual area. In simple terms I started out as an order taker and order writer up for the production area involving photography, graphics, printing and copying. I did this for about 15 years and then became manager over this group. I retired as the manager over just printing and copying. I spent about the next 20 years in some form of management.

I too, Ray, like to garden. I have done both vegetables and flowers for many years. I just wrapped up the garden for this year in the last few days. I don't mind mowing grass but 3.5 to 4 acres is a but much Max. It was quite dry here this summer so there wasn't much need for mowing. I also tutor at an elementary school near our church. I am now in my third year doing that with the same teacher.

I am married and have two daughters (38 & 33), and two grandchildren a girl 6 and a boy 4. These two can keep you busy when they visit. Everyone lives local so that is not a problem.

When I retired one of my goals was to learn more about Photoshop. Plus with a strong photo background it only seemed natural. I would help the students send their digital files to the printer, but knew little else about the software. Layers used to be a mystery to me. I found some tutorials and started working on them. I still have several more to do. I learned about OPR through an Apple web start up news page. I read the early blogs and then the forum. I finally joined last December. I don't have extra travel funds to go help build houses, but I can set at home helping to return memories that could have been lost forever. I have enjoyed being part of this group, and all its comradery.


Tess (Tassie D)

MJ do you have pictures of your doll house? I'd love to see them.
Tess Cameron
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Tess, I was thinking of the same thing about the doll house, I think Hayley (grand daughter) would like to see them too.

Max, I have to agree with Johnboy about the mowing, unless you have a ride-on mower. I was born on a 2000 acre sheep station but we had a 10 acre home section that we mowed, but we had a ride-on mower.

Glenna, after reading this thread, I think everyone has lead a interesting life in one way or another.

Chris, I showed the daughter-inlaw the photo of the cat you want to get, her reply "Thats b e a u t i f u l, I'd love one like that." but I think their dog might eat it.


Oddly enough I don't have any pictures of the house or the furnishings but I suppose I could?  I'm still building - the electrical wiring is making me insane - and making furniture, fixtures, and etceteras.  It's a period house set in 1939 England.

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I started out my study in biomedical science.  Drafted after my in-school deferment.  Because of my background, I was assigned the instructor in the military medical school for my service.   My research in electrical physiology led me to study in electrical engineering after I was discharged and eventually finished a degree in EE.  I worked at university for several years doing engineering work to support the campus research projects including some NASA space programs.  The lure of the proximity of the big city and relatives made me move to the Chicago suburb and worked on the design of computers behind the telecommunication systems.  Six years ago, at the start of the decline of the industry, I was encouraged to take the retirement.  So I left the industry and went on to teach electronics at a college 70-90 minutes away.  Some semesters, the teaching load is lighter and I have much spare time in my hands.  With the recent completion of the highway, the commute was down to 45 minutes Tuesday even when the area was covered with thick fog and light drizzle.  I realized that I will have one more hour each day to work on restoration.

Earlier this year, a coworker's home business got a new computer system.  He abandoned the old PS7 and switched to PSP.   He gave me his old stuff because he knew I was just getting into digital photography.  I struggled to learn PS by going through every book I can find at the local library until I stumbled on an Eismann's restoration tutorial DVD.  I was immediately drawn to the idea of photo restoration.  I bought her book of restoration and while downloading the exercise images at her website, I found OPR.  Seven months later, I finished 21 restorations for OPR and learned a lot about PhotoShop and photo restoration through practices and the advices from this forum.

On the day of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank OPR for the opportunity for me to learn photo restoration and help others at the same time.  More importantly, I got to know all the wonderful volunteers on this forum.

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Hi Schen.

It's amazing how many people found OPR by way Katrin Eismann's restoration book. I too stumbled on the website when I was downloading the exercises to go with the book. From that day in July of this year; I am richer for the people I have come to know on this forum.

"carpe diem"

Margie Hayes
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Hey everyone...

I work for a privately owned 'CLEC', i.e. phone company, as an account rep.  I basically assist medium/large size businesses implement communications solutions.  Or as I tell my girlfriend (who I'm also lucky enough to have met and work with) 'I'm slingin' dial tone'.  Before my telecom days, I managed a sporting goods store similar to Dicks Sporting goods which took me to Rome (NY, lol) and Pittsfield, MA.  Retail was the toughest (but most fun at the same time) job I ever had, 6 day workweeks on my feet all day with only 3 holidays off a year.  The only perk was getting 40+% discounts off wholesale prices to test sporting goods equipment.  Needless to say I have a lifetime supply of golf clubs, ski bindings, tennis rackets, etc.

I got into photoshop via the weekly contests over at Woot.com where I actually won one and placed in several others.  

OPR has been quite an inspiration and proof positive that the human spirit is alive and well.


Hi all,

I work for a small construction company in New York City, building ultra high end residences. Married since 2000, but we don't have any kids so I can mostly control my spare time.
I've been into Photoshop since v6 came out. This site came to my attention in a forum at Worth 1000, a site for Photoshop contests.
Louisiana is my home state and jumped at the idea to help out the people down there. I have many friends in New Orleans, relatives in Hammond, relatives in Pass Christian, and relatives in the panhandle of Florida. All escaped damage except a friend in New Orleans had some damage to his house in the Bywater section.
What OPR is doing is very special and growing and I'm happy, happy to be a part of it.

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I retired from American Airlines last year.  My passion has always been photography, about 20 years ago I had my own studio (and darkroom), doing mostly portrait work.  (the dark ages of film.....)

I live in San Diego, California.  I have 2 children, a daughter (31) and a son (29), and 2 beautiful grandkids.  Once my husband retires we plan to really take advantage of my free travel benefits

I heard about OPR at Photoshop World in Las Vegas a little over a year ago.  I came away from that conference with a few goals, one of them to become a member of OPR.  Last summer I went to Biloxi on the copy run.  Worked my butt off (happily) for three days, and fell in love with OPR and the volunteers I met there (you know who you are.....)

These days I am busy keeping up with the distribution of those Biloxi photos.  Thanks to all of you for helping me.

Jan Neil



Uh, John...can we talk about those extra ski bindings you have laying around???

Christine - in Montana....where we have LOTS of ski hills!