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Why I signed up for OPR...

Started by John, June 21, 2006, 03:47:15 PM

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What's just as interesting (sometimes moreso!) as the images being restored by OPR Volunteers are the stories from our members describing what this project means to them and why they joined the OPR in the first place.   We'd love to hear what the OPR experience means to you and to share that with the OPR community.


I'd just like to jump right in and say Photoshop has been in my blood since it came across my desk back in 1990. I love pushing pixels and it is great to apply my experience to something that can have a direct effect on people's lives, rather than, say, a quick disinterested glance at some consumer product I did the label for.


A few years ago, I undertook a project in which I scanned, restored and cataloged the entire photo inventory of a historical society and museum in Nebraska. It was a great opportunity to fine tune my restoration skills and to give back to that community.

When I heard about OPR on the NAPP website, I thought it would be great to volunteer. Little did I know how much one can focus on and agonize over a single photograph. Especially when you know that it may be one of only a small handful of photos that the owner has a chance of ever seeing in its original condition, again.

My thanks to the OPR Crew for having the idea and the knowledge to carry this out.  Glad to be of assistance.



I heard about OPR back in February, I think, through someone at worth1000.com who posted a link. I was impressed with the entire concept, and wanted to get involved. I don't have much money to donate, but this is definitely something I could do to help those affected by Katrina. Glad to be here!


Working with graphics is what I love to do.  I have tried my hand at photo restoration for friends and family and found that doing restorations is more enjoyable for me than any other graphics projects I have tried.

When I heard about OPR and the work you are doing I just knew I had to be a part of it.  Not only because I love doing restoration work, but because when I was younger my family experienced the damage and loss due to flood.  Of all the things we lost, it was the damage to the photos and memories that hurt the most.

Of course back then a computer was something you saw on the deck of the Starship Enterprise, so restoration was not an option.  (Oh dear I just aged myself....lol)   ;D

I think it is awesome that with the technology today photos and memories do not have to be lost forever.



Hi All,

I signed up around the same time Cyclone Larry hit the northern state of QLD in Australia.  This was a category five storm and although we were lucky not to have any fatalaties, many people lost their homes and treasured memories, just as they did with Hurricane Katrina.

I have my own small business doing photo restoration and retouching , so saw this as a great opportunity to help out, especially since I wasn't in the position to contribute financially.

I have now restored four photos for OPR and have enjoyed the challlenge.  It's great to know my small efforts are making a difference to the lives of those affected.

Lets hope we can get OPR running globally and see this project grow.

Keep up the great work OPR.  Looking forward to getting to know some fellow volunteers.

Carol :)



Like many people after Katrina  I had wanted to help the victims, since I am a poor college student I wasn't able to financially help them but then my friend told me of this, since I had just completed an intro to Photoshop class I thought it would be great way to give back.


How could I not?  For healing to truly occur, these famiilies need a piece of their heritage they can use
to build their futures on.


I heard about OPR several months ago and was so impressed with the concept and idea of being able to help people keep their memories alive by helping to restore their photos.  Photographs tell such a wonderful story and are so important to our lives that I just had to respond and help. 

Thanks to OPR and this community for the chance to help.



Hi Everyone!
I heard about OPR through another site I belong to called www.caedes.net - and to be honest it just made sense to be able to offer my skills to some people who have lost so much. Our collective time and skills I know will make the difference, and I'd like to be part of that.
I have successfully completed my Masters Degree in Digital Media, and have personally been using Photoshop to restore photos as well as Design work. I hope I can make someone on the other side of the world happy through my skills.
I think everyone's efforts here are amazing - and I believe in Karma! Good Luck to you all! May world communties and sharing spirit lead the way! Cheers... (Looking forward to my first photo!) :D
The Future is waiting.....

Rob Accomando

I love restoring photos and I like helping out.  ;D


Quote from: mdiDesign on June 21, 2006, 11:16:51 PM
...Little did I know how much one can focus on and agonize over a single photograph. Especially when you know that it may be one of only a small handful of photos that the owner has a chance of ever seeing in its original condition, again.

My thanks to the OPR Crew for having the idea and the knowledge to carry this out.  Glad to be of assistance.


I second that. Well said Mike. I'm here for the very same reason. After seeing HP's mobile restoration team on TV, I assumed HP had legions of gurus employed by whatever means to address this issue, and that it was one less thing to have to think about... little did I know!!! Thanks to anonymous on W1k for the heads up. This is an amazing and selfless undertaking by Dave, Angela and team... my skills are ALL YOURS!

Don't forget to advertise OPR in your other forums and help raise donations!

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I read about OPR on Fark.com. I thought to myself "self, you could be helping people instead of doing silly photoshop contests". Well, I still do the silly contests, but the idea of the work here really appeals to me. I can't wait to get my first project.

But why is the rum gone?


Like others, I came here from a photo contest site (dpchallenge.com) where a member linked an article on OPR. Many of us there became enthusiastic for the chance to use our skills in a meaningful way. We encourage and help each other in the forums there....so I'm thrilled there's a dedicated forum here, now!

I have loved photos and photography all my life. The memories in the shoeboxes and albums and (now) computer files I have are so precious to me--I can't imagine what it would be like to lose them. My heart leaped at the chance to help salvage memories for others.

I could sit all day and piece together jig-saw puzzles. I could tweak all those bad vacation photos. Or I could combine those skills and have the best of both worlds while making a difference.  Easy choice, I think. :)